2789 Spreading The Message

How’s this for #makeitloud ?


More to come…still processing this!

Here he is checking out our FTC program!


Big Congrats to you and the kids at Manor New Tech and Texplosion!

Wow ! That’s quite a photo op !

Congrats Bobby

Bobby, stop photoshopping. Jeff told me last night but I didn’t believe him. I guess Obama is into #4sims. If you would give me more than ten hours notice I would have flown out. I heart United airlines.

Today was…CRAZY!
Here’s the video of the speech where he talks about FRC 2789 :slight_smile:

2:55 is the first shoutout for robots
4:10 is when he says “Your championship regional, TEXplosion robotics team competed in the world championships a couple weeks ago. And this programs only been around for 5 years.”

Here’s another one…trying to get them altogether lol
Monique, keeping this a secret was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done lol even Jeff wasn’t allowed to come because of secret service clamping down on the number of people allowed on campus!

You took off the bunny ears!!! :frowning:

Great photos, I am proud to know you guys!!!

The second photo and an article about Texas Torque were both on front pages in the Houston Chronicle this morning. What a great way to spread FIRST’s message.

congrats Manor. Bobby, how long were you in makeup?:slight_smile:

LoL not long enough, but there’s a fine line between cosmetology and miracles lol

To top it all off, KVUE sends me an email at noon asking if they can stop by this afternoon, and sure enough as the reporter and photog are walking up to the shop, side by side next to them is the FedEx guy delivering our competition robot the day after the president visits! LoL

Click here to see the report that aired at six!

How does it feel to proudly display “YOLOTRON” infront of the President? :rolleyes:

He fist-bumped the kids afterwards LOL

Here’s proof that I can sound semi-intelligent when asked a question by the most powerful person in the world lol

Awesome posts/videos…keep up the good work. Seeya at TRR!!!

That image too wide for my screen… All I saw was two people driving a robot. Then I scrolled right… :eek: Great job! :cool:

Thanks for sharing these great videos.
It seems from the speech that Obama will be touring around the country.

Does anyone know which schools he has selected for his road trip across America ?
It would be awesome to showcase robotics at every stop of the roadtrip.

You might want to check with the white house, although I can tell you our admin found out about two weeks out, and we were given less than a week’s notice to get our stuff together for our presentations. He came more to see our school than specifically to see the robotics program, it just so happens that because we’re a STEM focused school, our robotics program gets the spotlight as far as school organizations go :cool: