2791 Postseason Highlights

One of the seniors made this pretty awesome video of 2791 at CT. No audio, but it does a good job of showing off Shaker’s front scoring ability and smart defense. Our kicker’s being replaced with one that can’t be disabled by accidentally leaving the pneumatics vented, like in the matches where we were stuck in the middle. :slight_smile:

Coming to an offseason near you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYTJwKPH9vQ

I got bored soooo…heres the video thats sped up to 3x the original speed - looks cool and it shortens the viewing time quite a bit. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/11565111

Woot, advertising for IRI eh?:wink:

Looks great dude, add an audio track though.


The second vid has an audio track.