2834 Dual Wheel Swerve Follow Up

Before I start let me link HERE to the original release post.

As Kickoff soon rounds the corner we wanted to present all of the changes we have made since the first announcement of our team’s offseason dual-wheel swerve project.

Change Log

  • 4 modules of the V81 as referenced in the previous post have been manufactured and mounted to a swerve bot chassis.

The specs of the constructed robot are as follows:
Cost Per Module: $247
Speed: 15.76 ft/s free speed 13.3 ft/s adjusted speed
Size: 28" x 28" chassis with 3.43” of ground clearance
Weight of drive chassis: ~28lbs (with 0.04’’ Versa frame and no battery)

  • In the previously posted design the azimuth consisted of a plastic and aluminum bushing race for steering. This has been reinforced with the addition of a bronze bushing to reduce wear and prevent additional backlash.

  • The aluminum top hat bushing has been modified to allow for the clearance of gussets on the bottom side of the chassis to allow for the ability of non-welded chassis construction.

  • The flange bearing configuration for the drive wheels has been flipped. This change is to prevent any bearing movement as we saw some bearings come unseated during vigours drive maneuvers.

  • The main azimuth piece has been redesigned to solve a collision error with the retainer clip.

  • The drive reduction has been increased from 4.71:1 to 6.00:1

The Specification of the module after the aforementioned changes are as follows:
Cost Per Module: $295.36
Cost Per Module (on BOM): $226.50
Speed: 12.38 ft/s free speed 10.53 ft/s adjusted speed
Size: 3.5x6.5”, 5.48” tall, and ~3.6” of ground clearance
Weight: ~4.2 lbs

Link to experimental code
HybridSwerve Mk2.1 v122.step (36.3 MB)
Hybrid Swerve Parts List (1).xlsx (10.7 KB)


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