2851 Crevolution Teaser

Just the beginning of what’s looking like the most successful year in Crevolution history.

Very nice! I like the way to funnel is designed so that the balls don’t get caught.

And is that dual-sided pick up I’m looking at? :ahh:

Actually, the roller design idea came from your very own Lunacy bot lol.

And yes, that is what you are looking at!

You’re not planning on staying on that bump the whole match, are you?

I’ll be sure to show this to the guys who made it tomorrow, they’ll be thrilled!

Also, 68th post :smiley:

Absolutely not, this is just the beginning of the building of our bot. We still need to put our drivetrain on, our ball manipulator, our scoring mechanism (I’m trying to be very vague here, I don’t want to spoil any pics or videos to come!) and other stuffs. The bump is just very close to what our actual height of that part of the robot will be. Just think of it as a prototype :stuck_out_tongue: