2869 Altice Partnership

Hey everyone!

Thought I’d share a video that was recently shot at the Half Hollow Hills Robotics Invitational. Our team is excited to be working closely with Altice (formerly Cablevision) to follow us around - all the way from the start of the season through kickoff. While we wait for all of that footage to be shot, here is what we do have: http://alticeconnects.com/community-coverage/long-island/2016/robotics-invitational-dix-hills

Smiti Shah
Co-Captain of Team 2869

Very cool! I wish you and the rest of the Regal Eagles the best of luck this upcoming season. Here’s to hoping FIRST continues to spread around the NYC/LI/Hudson Valley region due to efforts like these.

Thank you!

Didn’t want to create a new thread, but after following us for 6 weeks, Altice USA released this little video about our build season. They came to SBPLI Hofstra and I’m guessing will be releasing their video from that very soon!


(As a complete side note I loved seeing the positive linear relationship between progress of build season and number of people wearing pajamas into the lab).

A huge thanks to Altice USA for sponsoring the SBPLI Long Island Regional, Hub City Regional, and now our team for the 2017 season! Not only did they provide financial aid, but many Altice employees dedicated their time to volunteering at Hub City and SBPLI! I would like to extend my gratitude to them for their dedication, and I sure hope to see them again next year!

After following us for so long, they finally released their last piece for the competition season. Included on their page are some pictures and an event video of the SBPLI Long Island Regional:

Altice also released some pictures for the Hub City Regional here:

I sincerely hope this partnership grows, and FRC can continue to get awesome media coverage to expose many more to the program.