2877 needs 54 tooth 1/2 inch hex gears from VEX aluminum

We need 2 54 tooth 1/2 inch hex gears from VEX, 20DP and we are located in Newton MA. Any help would be appreciated

They appear to be in stock at both Vex and West Coast Products:


It looks like you are playing in week 2, but If you order it on Monday and pay for the express shipping it should arrive in time.

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The Robot Space also has them in stock, and is a bit closer than Vex.

We were hoping to find some locally we could borrow for our second robot. We need to test a few things ASAP, hopefully before we unbag.

Didn’t see this until this morning since we were competing yesterday, but 1519 up in Milford, NH may have 2 of these. At least we bought 6 of them in 2017 for use in our climber, and we should have at least one pair that isn’t currently in a robot. Please contact me if you still need them and we can track down exactly where the gears are and work out a plan to have somebody from 2877 come pick them up.

Thanks Ken!
First, congratulations on your team’s performance yesterday!
Not sure we can find someone who can drive that far.
Anyone else closer to the Boston or Metrowest area?

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