2898 brings you: yet another spammy code release

turns out that our interpretive jazz arrangements of our code, no matter how brilliant, “”""""""'can’t be understood"""""""" and “”""""""“won’t satisfy R14"”"""""".

so here it is

you’ve ruined our dreams

i hope you’re happy

our main server crashed so please don’t overload mine

That’s a local IP address if I’m not mistaken - nobody can reach your server using it, unless they are connected fo your network.

Local IPs tend to be 192.168.xxx.xxx. Just because it doesn’t have a domain name attached doesn’t mean it’s a local address. Did you even try clicking on it?

It initially was, but was changed fairly quickly (hence the edit at 10:58). MuskieProgramme probably clicked it somewhere in that time window.

Or. 10.x.x.x, I think.



RFC1918. One of my favorite RFCs.