2910 IR@H Robot Design

Hey y’all, us at 2910 are pretty excited about our Infinite Recharge at Home optimized bot and figured it wouldn’t hurt to share some screenshots. It’s 22"x22" and uses fast gearing mk3’s.

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again.


That’s a lot of falcons :eyes:

Brilliantly executed, the idea of IR@H minibots (more like medium bots, but still) to optimize for the game I think will be a huge advantage here in 2021.

edit: if i count right your PDP uses 15 falcons and limelight, thats insane


That is TINY


What did you use for the flywheel? We have been using an omni, and I’m a bit worried of us running it too fast.

Looks really cool!

What is the lower piston used for? I can see the upper ones actuates the intake but I can’t tell what the lower ones do.

It seems to actuate the lower part of the intake.

The two parts of the intake move separately as far as I can tell, probably for better stowing inside a tiny frame

Looks great, I do have a question about the intake-with the lower part side plate being almost up to the edge of the bumper, aren’t you worried about balls getting pinched between the bumper and the plate?

Four falcons on the flywheel alone? Isn’t that a bit overkill?

Three, actually. One’s just for the hood.

Oh, that makes more sense.

Gorgeous. Is this a CAD submission, or is there a real-life one too?


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We are using the SDS brass flywheels.

The lower pistons deploy the intake bottom bar. Last year we would drive on top off balls if we drove into them to fast when intaking. The bottom bar is supposed to prevent balls from going under the robot.

As long as we don’t lower it on to a ball we think it will be ok. Of course, we will see when we test it for real.

The plates for the robot are identical left to right. The third one for the shooter was added to keep things symmetrical looking and sort of because why not. Also, the intake would probably be fine with one motor instead of two.

There will be. This is what we have completed so far. We should be able to finish it within the next couple weeks.


Is it possible for you to take some pictures of electrical work as build goes on?

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Sure, Here are a couple pictures for starters.


Dead meme 2/10

Also, is that a falcon on the intake? :eyes:

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I counted 15 Talons…

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The Talon FX being integral with the Falcon 500 is super helpful for making small cleanly laid out robots. It would be tough to find places for all those separate motor controllers.


I enjoyed the meme


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