2910 IR@H Robot Design

Falcon 550s


By chance, are those four module mounting screws engaging with rivnuts in the bottom wall of the tube, or just regular nylock nuts underneath the drive? I had been thinking about using rivnuts to mount modules, just to simplify maintenance a tad bit, but all those horror stories about bumper mounting rivnuts coming loose and just free spinning in their holes scared me out of it.

Edit: Still on the Falcon 550 train. 550 sized motor + integrated motor controller + high cpr encoder would be pretty neat, ngl.

Just nylocks.

And yes, would love a 550 size falcon. Falcons / Neos are def overkill for a swerve drive, we are running ours at about 60% max power and are crazy traction limited. Assuming a 550 size motor had enough thermal mass, would def take the weight savings in a heartbeat.


Cool, thanks for the insight! So many new 4414 drops recently, huh.

Edit: Smaller Falcons have got to be one of VexPro’s most requested products at this point, would be surprised if they weren’t at least looking into them to be quite honest.

MiniNEO: “Am I a joke to you?”

Yes, until the output shaft thing is fixed.

Tbh I see no real argument for a smaller Falcon to exist other than to make a Vex/CTRE MiniNEO. Market share competition goes brrrr.

Still not a fan of having to deal with SparkMAX controllers (or really any non-integrated motor controllers honestly), and a higher cpr encoder would still be neat, not gonna lie.

eh, the cpr doesn’t really matter once you account for gearing+backlash

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I feel like integrating a controller into a motor of that size (or lack thereof) defeats the entire point, and there’s also some annoying physics things that happen (smaller bell diameter = less torque and etc from there), but as the masses shout, so they will have.
Depending on how exactly Vex implements the inevitable, there’s a hilarious constraint situation where not only does the controller increase the length, but you might have to add an extra planetary stage if that’s your gearbox selection.

True, but I don’t know if I’m adding an encoder at the end of my mechanism anyways, but having one integrated gives software the option to play around with it by default (also there are still some decently low backlash applications for smaller motors: flywheels, intakes, agitators, etc, where that could still come in hands, arguably some of the best applications for smaller BLDC motors anyways.

Yeah, smaller BLDC motors would be hella funny, but packaging constraints make using Falcons in certain mechanisms pretty painful, and the convenience of integrated motor controllers and (good) encoders, even with motor length taken into account, is still pretty hard to deny. Might not be perfect, but it would still be pretty neat in my opinion.

We used hex body rivet nuts to mount the modules on our 2020-21 robot, no complaints so far :slight_smile:


After some changes and testing, our 2021 CAD and Reveal are ready to share! There are two files to account for parasolids being fixed.

2910, Top Level, 2021 Robot, Starting Configuration.x_t

2910, Top Level, 2021 Robot, Intake Deployed, Hood Up.x_t


Wow that intake is crazy good… we never got our viw version working half as fast. I’m guessing the pegs make a huge difference?


Hmm, you have passed the first test. Now make it fly, swim, and climb.


Skills challenge videos submitted. Below is a playlist of all of them.


That Accuracy video was painfully slow to watch but the scores are fantastic. Great work 2910!


Awesome stuff y’all, the robot looks absolutely dialed in. For sure one of my favorite 2021 robots!


Amazing work! Loved seeing Baby Grond do all of the challenges!


Glad to see someone else did one ball at a time for IA…I mean we thought it was a great strategy! :wink:

Beautiful robot. Loved watching these!


If only this were real. we are so tired of the sparkmax even though we love the neo550s…


I was going to reply with a complaint agreeing until I realized who posted this. I honestly think they’ll bring them in the coming years.