2910 MK2 Swerve Module Release

Here is an assembly video for the MK2 module.


Does the MK2 use the same encoder gear as the MK1?

Yes, They both use the US Digital MA3-A10-250-N. Available from Andymark or direct from US Digital.

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I’m in the process of transitioning the machining of Swerve Drive Specialties parts from my Tormach 440 to the new mill, a Brother Speedio. Here is a video of a MK2 base pulley being machined on the Speedio. Sorry for shaky video.

Normally the flood coolant would be on the whole time. I am turning it on and off manually to get a better view of the part. For now, the same 4" Tormach vise and soft jaws are being used to make this part. As shown it’s a little over a 4X time savings when compared to the Tormach. I am sure more time could be still be taken out.

Mounting the Tormach vise on a pallet allows all of the old soft jaws and fixtures to be easily used on the new mill, but I do have more elaborate pallet fixtures planned out for machining more parts at once and minimizing down time.


Are you going to put a video that helps people to write swerve code ? I can’t find a example code for swerve drive.

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Although it is not a video or a guide, we created a base, “Swerve only,” code to get teams started and moving. You can find it here.

There are other teams with code you can review, and if you haven’t yet, I suggest you review Ether’s whitepaper that explains the math behind a swerve system.

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For example code please take a look at 2910’s code from 2019. Our robot from this past year used the MK2 modules.

I am a mechanical guy and don’t know a whole ton about programming. While I understand the logic behind the swerve code, I would not be the right person to make such a video. I have been talking with Jacob, 2910’s lead programmer from the past few years, about making such a video. It is great to know there is interest for it.

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Yes, I am mechanical guy too but when I tried to convince my teamates to making swerve . There is always a argument that there is no example codes for it and it’s to hard to code it.

You can take a look at our swerve code on Github here: https://github.com/bearbotics2358/Smokey-XII

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Here is a video of the wheel mounts being machined. I’m really liking the fixture pallets.


Is there any update on when the MK1 and MK2 kits will be restocked?

We loved the modules last year, and I highly recommend them for any team interested in swerve for the first time!

Thank you for the referrals! 1023’s robot has great last year. It was great seeing it in person at IRI.

Mk2 Modules have been backordered for a while now, but I am almost caught up with the backlog. Modules have been shipping every week. Placing your order sooner guarantees it will be closer to the front of the queue, but I fully expect MK2 modules to be in stock for immediate shipment later this month.

MK1 Modules are not currently being produced, however, there is still some interest for MK1s. Once MK2 production is fully caught up I will consider making more MK1s.

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In light of this, would you expect significant changes year-to-year going forward? One of the benefits of using AndyMark’s modules over multiple years was our stock of backup modules/parts only needed to be bought once, since COTS components can be created before kickoff. We’re in the process of examining alternate COTS modules now (and really like the MK2), but losing access to our supply of spare parts is going to be rough; we’d hate to go through this every year we go with swerve.

I realize this may be a somewhat difficult question to answer, but we consider backup reusability a rather unique benefit of COTS swerve modules that really helps to offset the increased cost compared to an in-house solution; it would be unfortunate to lose it.

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MK2 parts will be available for a long time to come. I have spent a lot of time and money this summer developing the machining fixtures and processes for the MK2 parts. At this point I can pump them out at a very fast rate. If there is the demand for MK2 parts it will make sense to make them. The backlog is being fulfilled quickly.

MK1 parts (specifically the main plates) are more difficult to justify spending the time making because they take a long time in comparison to the MK2 parts. This is because I don’t have the pallet fixtures and processes for the new mill dialed for the MK1 main plates.

I have been very pleased with the demand for the modules. Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered. Right now I am very time limited. At the moment, I have chosen to prioritize MK2 production and building up MK2 inventory prior to kickoff. Swerve Drive Specialties is not my full time job, however, we keep moving closer to the tipping point. Obviously this is a huge decision for me.


If MK1 parts and modules are not available for sale to all teams, does that not mean that MK1’s are not a cots item and can not be used by teams next year?

They would still be considered COTS by the definition given in the 2019 manual under 10.1 (emphasis mine) .

Many rules in this section reference Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) items. A COTS item must be a standard (i.e. not custom order) part commonly available from a VENDOR for all teams for purchase. To be a COTS item, the COMPONENT or MECHANISM must be in an unaltered, unmodified state (with the exception of installation or modification of any software). Items that are no longer commercially available but are functionally equivalent to the original condition as delivered from the VENDOR are considered COTS and may be used.


So once cots always COTS? There has been a big argument on our team and the answer from other inspectors have been in disagreement. I believe this the proper interpretation, however many do not see it this way. Has this ever been clarified in the Q&A? For a part on our swerve and the MK1 users this is important.

To differ from the Q&A: can you give a more specific example? I’m struggling to think of how your swerve would be affected by this, as it was never COTS to begin with.

Our variable pulleys were purchased from a COTS manufacturer in 2016. The manufacturer phased them out in 2017. We have continued to reuse them every year. This year our team has received some attention from other teams that they are not COTS any more. Some frowns from other mentor and a few inspectors. I interpret them as still legal cots but it seams many in the community do Not. It has not been a problem in inspection so far. It’s just so many do not see it that way. I just wonder if there was some Q&A clarification that is causing the scrutiny.

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