2910 MK2 Swerve Module Release

The belt is a 64 tooth, HTD, 9mm width. Gates part number 92932607.

It is equivalent to a 60 tooth pulley.

The pulley is created from scratch. It is less expensive this way. Here is a video of a pulley being machined. https://youtu.be/K66fLD4jsfs


Hey Patrick,
How did you flip the part over so that the holes line up to what you did on the other side? Did you have a soft jaw that had holes you could line up?

There are features on the soft jaws that match up with the teeth of the pulley that were machined in the 1st setup.


If anyone going to the Detroit championship wants to check out a MK2 module in person be sure to stop by the REV Robotics booth. They will have one at their booth as a way to showcase the NEOs.


How are the Bevel Gears manufactured?

The bevel gears are purchased from KHK. Then there is a significant amount of secondary machining on a CNC mill to get them to their final form.


Thanks for having the module there. It was really great to put my hands on it before ordering. Lucky for you I had the school credit card with me and ordered a set. Looks to be a great summer project for the students!!!

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Ok. This is not about sweve but the reveal video. What red/maroon wheel did you use for the hatch mech?

I don’t think they were still using the red wheel intake at champs.

I talked to a guy on 2910 at Champs, and he said they were already working on a claw mechanism for panels while they were working on their reveal video.

We brought our version 2 hatch mechanism to our week one district event as part of our withholding allowance. Thank you to 5803 for the inspiration. Here is a video of some early testing. https://youtu.be/GnXiSgkgHbw


The production version of the MK2 modules will utilize a new one piece steering shaft / toothed pulley. No more pesky set screws.

Final production CAD (direct CAD link) is also now available at the bottom of the product page.


Only because I’m lazy and don’t want to open the model, what is the total height of the module from floor to top of motor?

The total height is 8.26". This layout drawing has some good overall dimensions.

Ok now how the heck was this made? It has to be a lathe right? Looking at it now it does like this it could be done on your 440. Where did you learn to machine like this?

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Why not use a roll pin or some other way to constrain the pulley. Wow is that part complex

Since i’m already machining a custom shaft and because having the integrated pulley doesn’t add a lot of time or additional setups it is preferred over having additional parts. One less part to inventory and assembly step is nice.

A lot of what I have learned (especially Tormach specific stuff) has been from watching NYC CNC youtube videos.

It’s still on the mill. Here is a video of the machining. I have a new soft jaw designed that will hold 4 parts at once in either setup. If I use both vises that will enable 8 parts to be machined at once. In the future, if I want to do even more at once it would probably involve a pallet like fixture with machinable Mitee-Bite Uniforce clamps.


Will you offer a way to upgrade from MK1 to MK2?



Where did you get the profile for the middle pulley that rotates your steering module. Also how many teeth are on that pulley?

The tooth profile for that pulley is custom. It is based on HTD tooth profile, but is then heavily changed for easier, faster machining. The pulley has 20 teeth, but is equivalent in size to 60 tooth. With a 60 tooth pulley with that much belt wrap you really don’t need all the teeth.

Here is a picture showing how the tooth profile engages the belt.