2910 Robot, 2022

This robot has some of the fastest 360 no scope shots I’ve ever seen. No matter where your robot is pointing when it gets that second ball within a fraction of a second it’s turned and shot two balls into the goal. Way too cool!


something compels me to think of ways to make it even smaller…

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This robot is extremely on brand, 2910 once again taking parallel plate construction to the extreme!


It lets the climber have a really short retracted height while still having very generous stage overlap when extended.


We were very happy with how the robot performed at our first event this past weekend. Here is one of the match videos that our media team recorded.


In person I saw custom 3dp onyx spools on the climb. How did you manage to get those to securely hold the rope in place?

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I love the bot! I was wondering what material that hood was made of. Looks like its 3d printed. I’m curious how it went together, is it one large part?

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This what our spools look like.

There is a hole that goes to a pocket in the inside of the spool. We tie a big knot in the end of the string and then feed it through the hole and onto the helical groove. The knot ends up tucked away inside of the circular pocket. We are using 4 of the vex inserts on each spool which is probably 3 more than needed.


The hood is printed from Onyx. It needed to be printed in two parts to fit on the bed. Kind of ridiculous, but it does the job.


When will the Cad be released?

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You could always wait for the 1678 clone CAD release


Typically we release our CAD after worlds.


What print settings did you use? We’ve also had great success with onyx hoods but I am not brave enough for that print haha


Got our 7 ball auto working. Ok ok, that 7th ball doesn’t really count haha.

Working on getting the climb sped up as well. We have the power to go faster but have found it risks jumping off the bars.

We are excited for Bonney Lake this weekend!


Amazing, it’s so dang smooth. I can’t seem to stop watching this video.


We are excited to give it a try on the real field. It drives through the hanger to get into position behind the 6th ball.


Am I missing something? I believe it would count in a match, there’s nothing that disallows the score of an opportunistic returned ball in auton, just something that requires some luck to get. I am in awe of the buttery smooth movement, it IS kinda hypnotizing.

I think they meant the 7th doesn’t count because that last ball rolled out of the exit and into the robot by chance.


At this point I am just disappointed you don’t have a 12 ball auto, tsss tsss.

This auto is a BEAST!

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Maybe we can see your CAD before the China District