2910 Robot Reveal 2020: Grond

FRC Team 2910, Jack int he Bot, is proud to present our robot for the 2020 game, Infinite Recharge!

(WARNING: May not be not be suitable for those with sensitivity to strobe lighting.)

Competing at PNW district events:
Glacier Peak – Week 1
West Valley – Week 2
Bellingham – Week 4

Good luck to all the teams competing this year!



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Great job guys. Good luck this season!

Poggers, went hard on the flashing :rofl:

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Great job, Jack in the Bot! Good luck at Glacier Peak!

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If it weren’t for the epilepsy tests, this would be my favorite video this year.


good bot and vid, but the effects were a bit much. Looking forward to see you guys at dcmp

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I really hate to be “that guy” complaining and cutting down team’s work - but please post some disclaimer or warning about the rapid flashing / strobing throughout the video. People are sensitive to that sort of thing, whether it’s as serious as epilepsy or even as mild as getting headaches, and it comes off as a surprise.

In general I didn’t really think the flashing effect added much - just made it harder to see - but I respect the stylistic choice and just hope that you can add a warning or disclaimer to the video or post.


I would like to apologize on the behalf of my team for anyone who’s sensitivity to strobe lighting may have been triggered by this video. It was reviewed by mentors and leads before posting and it was an oversight on our part. Our student Director of Media did a great job of editing is possibly working on a less flashy update today that we will post that if it gets is done. We still wanted people to see our reveal in the mean time, so a warning has been added to the YouTube title and in the original post. Thank you all for your feedback and kind words!


Excellent use of your CNC router/mill, as always


Short bot that climbs… that’s about all I saw :cry:

Good luck. Hope you pick us at Glacier Peak so there’s no chance of us losing to you guys in the finals like last year.


@anihtA Awesome video! I notice your robot is using similar pistons for the climb from last year. Could you send me a link to the pistons FRC2910 used? I am very intrigued by their strength in lifting 125lbs! :slight_smile:

We are using impact-resistant 1-1/2" bore cylinders from McMaster-Carr. This year’s are 23" stroke and last year we used 20" stroke. The cylinders alone do have enough strength to lift the whole robot at full pressure, but we added constant-force springs to help keep it consistent.


How much do these cylinders weigh?

I don’t think we ever weighed the cylinders separately from the rest of the robot. I can say they weigh substantially more than standard Bimba cylinders of the same bore and stroke.

One cool benefit of the pneumatic climb is that we can climb after the buzzer.


That’s really neat. Are the pneumatics programmed to retract automatically if they’re extended when the match ends?

I’m sure somone on 2910 could give you a better answer, but I definitely noticed a few post match climbs at GP this weekend. Very cool stuff.

If they use a single solenoid they don’t even have to program it. Simply losing power will flip the valve and change the state of the cylinder.

I would assume single solenoids, which have a default position. This would mean that they would retract whenever the robot is disabled. We use them on out intakes and on our climb to save PCM slots.