2972 Self Correcting After Tipping

Hey everyone,

My team, RC Dawson 2972, competed in Rock City Regional. In one of the matches, our robot was delivering a tote for the 40 co-op points. In the process, we tipped over. Luckily, Our turret was in the right spot at the right time and we were able to right ourselves with the elevator.

I thought that this video was cool and I wanted to share it with everyone!

We will be posting some more about our robot this year soon!

Jacob Goldman
Design and Mechanical Lead
RC Dawson 2972

We’re going down, we’re yelling timber…oh wait, no we’re not. Nice maneuver.

Thanks! The announcer was yelling that we were going down and then freaked out when we got back up. But you summed it up pretty well. :smiley:

I fell into a burning ring of totes,
I went down, down, down, as the stacks grew higher,
And it stacks, stacks, stacks,
The ring of totes, the ring of totes

A vaguely similar thing happened to us in QF6 at Kentwood. Video (about 1:30 to 1:45), watch the bottom-right robot. We were trying to dislodge a tote when we basically managed a “front” wheelie. Though, we didn’t recover quite so gracefully.

Thats a nice maneuver. Right after the video ends, we were attempting to get the fourth tote for co-op, but it was pushed up against a fallen robot. We got one side of our gripper stuck in the other robot and we were not able to get the co-op in time. Im excited (and a little pained) to see the pictures of damaged robots that weren’t as fortunate as my team’s robot and your robot.

I have already seen some arms snap off.