2992-Hanging Top Tube

We got our finalized elevator all complete this weekend and wanted to see how the robot would perform at max height and with a tube. We got our final electronics and pneumatics board on the basic chassis and took it to the school’s common area and here is the video:

We still have to get the claw’s wrist motor on, and the minibot deploy figured out, and a ton of little fiddly bits, but we were given a new blast of energy after Saturday. It’s starting to look like a robot.

Best of luck everyone.

Looking nice

nice, my team is doing something similar, are those 211/8 c channel? and if so how do you keep it from binding.

They are 80/20 “double” extrusions (1020 T Slotted profiles), and we are using the linear bearings that are designed to capture 3 of the slots that you can purchase for them. It is a pretty slick system, and it slides real smooth without binding.

The major disadvantage of 8020 is that it is heavy, so we are always keeping an eye on where we can save weight.