2992 - "Viper" Official Reveal - Climber/Dumper

At this point our design is no secret, since we have been showing videos since week 4, but as promised here is our official reveal video that we use in all our media releases.

To start, a picture of the final product (minus our autonomous pizza box we are bolting on during practice day):

Gameplay Statistics:
Climbs 3 Levels for 30 points in 30 seconds
Dumps 4 colored frisbees for 20 points
4 point or 6 point pizza delivery autonomous
Less than 30 inch robot
Bumper cars blocking technique at midfield

Release Video: (Sorry mobile users, apparantly using a copyrighted song causes issues for you guys)

We have had a fantastic build season, and look forward to some good games and having fun with all of the Bayou Regionals participants.


That looks great! I’m glad to see a dumper with a reliable climb, but has time to do defense.

It appears you could shave a few seconds off your climb if you had a moving CG. It wouldn’t need to be much, but if you have the withholding allowance left, then it might be useful.

very nice. How large and how long does it take to fill the storage tank?

Its a 2 gallon air tank used for air bag suspension systems rated at 150 psi. It takes right at 5 minutes to fill the tank with the Thomas compressor.

We went with one big tank over 12 smaller tanks to eliminate failure and leak points. The reason we went pneumatic over linear actuators was because it was possible to build it and have tweaking time left over given our resources (we have a lot of experience with pneumatic not with actuators). Also we want reliability, and our experience with pneumatics is that they are very robust and reliable. Hopefully, we will see that continue in our games in a couple weeks.