2992's New Website

This has been my sole undertaking for over a month now, but I’m pleased to present Team 2992: The S.S. Prometheus’ new website. It still has a few things to be added and a few kinks to be ironed out, so let’s call it a beta.


Once our school get’s a money-situation figured out, we’ll upgrade and remove the wix.com domain along with the ads.

As for the website creation, no it does not have any custom coding and was made entirely in an GUI editor, but understand that it was made by one student with no prior web-design experience in the middle of a frantic build season (and having it take a backseat to my more important role of documenting any little thing the robot does).

Sorry to throw up my defenses there, but anyway I’d really appreciate any comments or concerns that the CD community has to offer.

If you want some comparisons, I do believe last year’s website is still up.

(Also, I might as well promote our new Twitter page that we also started recently in anticipation of the new social media award so if you haven’t yet, I’d recommend following us over there.)

Sorry for double post, but apparently I’m still too new to CD for it to let me edit my post, but we’ve just upgraded the website and it is now


Well I really do love your guy’s website, the color theme for it is fantastic!
But the first thing I see when I go to your website that everything is cluttered. There’s really to much information on one page to convey out how well your website could look.

I also couldn’t really find your navigation bars without looking around for it until I saw it at the top of the page, maybe try making them a lighter color to be more visible.

The image of your guy’s image scrolling bar is actually kind of distracting when compared to the rest of your site’s color pallet and theme.

When I go to your website, it takes a good 10 seconds or more the just load one page, and I do really like the idea of how your page scrolls to another page when you click on the navigation links but it really does slow down the load time of your website and when it comes to FIRST team websites, simplicity and information at a glance is best.

Overall though I do really like your team’s website, it looks great but would look better if it wasn’t all cluttered :smiley:

Yea I agree, I really like your teams site! It’s full of a lot information and has a really good color scheme.

Some pointers I would give is to make things a little more clean and simple. Use more empty space. I would suggest putting you sponsors on the bottom of each page instead of on the sides. Also, as said above, the nav bar needs to be more prominent.

Also, there is a lot of information per page. For example, on the about us page there is info about FIRST, your team history, your website history, and history of your past seasons. If you create a drop down menu with subpages for each of these categories it will look less cluttered and it will be easier to find specific information.

And always when designing a website think of the hierarchy of whats important. When your webpage first opens you want eyes to immediately go to whats most important (slideshow of photos, team logo or name, etc.), then to the second most important thing, and so on. Right now when I open the home page my eyes are bouncing all over the place and I don’t know whats most important.

But these are all minor details and for the reasons you have previously said, I think this is a very good website!

Your site if good but if I can make a few suggestions:

The site is to busy, clean the content up to what is important.
some links do not work
there are so many high res, images and videos that the site loads slow on some of the computers I tested it with.

one last thing, I am a stickler about this… Dont use WIX, WIX is used for people just starting and will upgrade to a custom site, My main suggestion is to recreate the site in either a CMS or custom.

Oh I couldn’t agree more. For whatever reason, our school’s filters block Wordpress.org and the facilitator recommended Wix as an alternative. Me being a person with no prior web experience, I took the advice and really only began to see all the massive weaknesses of Wix after 90% of the site was finished. (Unfortunately for me) I’m going to have to rebuild our entire website once more this year, but I do have a lot of the content and info finalized, and I’m certainly going to keep these suggestions in mind (one of the reasons there’s more content on fewer pages is simply because Wix doesn’t have a drop-down menu feature). I really appreciate all the input, our next site might not be as pretty (those page transitions are rather difficult to recreate I imagine) but it will hopefully be far more navigable.

If I were you I would recreate the website using PHP and HTML, create the head, footer, and sidebar if you have one in HTMl then put it in one php file and just use includes in the page, then your content goes in the page which is the only thing that changes on each page. that is what I did for my teams website, but what I would do is divide the work up unless you work on it during the summer, I started my teams website in the summer and finished it mid January, but I am still adding thinks like right now i am in the process of creating a gallery page for videos and photos.

Doing ti this way is more time consuming but you can customize it more that if you were to use any type of program. if all else fails, use drupal or joomla wordpress is for blogs drupal and joomla is both for actual websites.