2CAN + Compressor = Fail.

This year we were really excited to implement the 2CAN system. We had worked with CAN over the summer and transitioning to 2CAN was relatively easy. We finally got 4 motor tank drive working with 2CAN last week. We went to go test our compressor and ran into a lot of problems explained in greater detail at http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=100400 (We get involved at post #6). After a lot (and a lot) of troubleshooting we think we finally pinpointed the problem is 2CAN. We would run a LabVIEW project with just the compressor and it would work fine. We would run a project with the compressor and PWM drive and it would work fine. When we switched PWMs to 2CAN the compressor would not come on. We could get our compressor working without drive and we can get our drive working without the compressor, but unfortunately, not both at the same time. We ran out of time today (someone said today was a holiday or something, bizarre) but tomorrow we are going to test our compressor system with regular CAN. We know some people who have gotten CAN working with a compressor. However, has anyone gotten 2CAN working with a compressor? If so, did you experience any difficulty?

Worst comes to worst, you can just scrap the compressor VIs and hand code the functionality into your robot. It’s not like it’s that hard. Read a DIO, If true, run spike forward, if false, turn spike off. Shouldn’t be too hard to toss that into your teleop and auton code.