2CAN Plugin Problems

I am the lead programmer for our team, and can’t seem to get the most recent 2CAN updates to work. I downloaded the newest firmware from the website (2.01, rev 64) and flashed the 2CAN. I then went to the cRIO Image Utility and loaded the 2CAN plugin in from there. After it said it was successful, I reset the whole robot and let it boot completely. This left the 2CAN with a flashing red light, with the web dashboard saying it had no communication to the cRIO.

To test things out, I then FTP’d the plugin that came with the firmware update into the controller and reset again. This time, the 2CAN worked perfectly, and controlled our motors with the code.

The only thing that seems to not work is when i select “Run As Startup” (LabView). When it prompts to reboot and I select “yes”, it hangs on shutting down (determined by the serial output and HyperTerminal) with the 2CAN plugin causing it.

Now, when i plug it back into the Image Utility, it says it has an outdated plugin installed, to FTP back into the controller, remove the current plugin (the one I FTP’d in) and load the one from the imager. Yet when I do that, it doesn’t see the cRIO again.

What should I do? Is there a newer firmware/plugin version? Am I just stuck with doing a hard reset every time I want to load new code into the non-volatile memory? :confused: :confused:

Looks like when the 2CANPlugin gets signaled to close (as the cRIO shuts down), it doesn’t shut down correctly and holds everything up.

I fixed the plugin and rev66 is now available to download…

Bug tracker

Let me know if you still have trouble.

Thank you very much! Everything works great now.