"2D Field" is not showing up on the ROBOTPY Simulator

Hello, fellow FRC Teams!

Our team has a problem with ROBOTPY’s Simulator. Unfortunately, We can open the simulator, but we can’t seem to open the 2D Field. On the “Window” menu, the only choice available is “Mechanism 2D” which opens a tab that shows nothing, sadly.

Sorry for my bad english by the way.

Are you sending robot position information for the field to display? We’d need to see code, but you’re probably not even telling it to display a field.

What Amicus1 said. Take a read of this page:

Also, the 2d field window moved from last year (this is in the docs that @auscompgeek posted above, but took us a bit to figure out) . Last year it was in mechanisms, this year, it is in NetworkTables>SmartDashboard>Field.

This example has been validated for 2021: examples/commands-v2/hatchbot at main · robotpy/examples · GitHub

Make sure you have the latest RobotPy software installed via pip install -U robotpy[sim] (install docs)

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