2go Classmate PC E11 - Kit of Parts configuration?

I’m suggesting that our team buy a spare Classmate. The http://www.ctlcorp.com/go/first link leads to a $445 E11 system. That base price includes 1GB RAM and a 160GB hard drive. The 30GB SSD option is an additional $101.20 on the order page, a significant extra cost. At that price, I think we might not bother and just use a cheap netbook if we needed to replace the old Classmate. We could even afford to replace the netbook if it broke, and still have spent a whole lot less than on a new Classmate.

Does the Classmate in the 2011 Kit of Parts contain the hard drive, or does it have the SSD?

I believe the new 2011 Classmates use a traditional hard drive. The 2010s used the SSD.

That’s interesting. Our team just got a new classmate that I just reimaged and I was wondering the same thing. Our new Classmate has a disc hdd and has a vga output.