2Go PC

Just clicked an ad on CD for 2Go PCs (As in, the netbook that ships with the kit), and was surprised to see that they actually have a product line.

I’ve been looking for a tablet/slate PC that’s actually a PC (aka no iPad) and, apparently, 2Go offers both.

What I’m looking at is the Slate: http://www.ctlcorp.com/v4/p-909-2gopad.aspx

And the Tablet: http://www.ctlcorp.com/v4/p-923-2go-convertible-classmate-pc-nl2-10-hi-res3g-capable-netbook.aspx

What I’m wondering is, does anyone have one of these? What can they say about it?

The specs are, obviously, not high performance, but I could upgrade it, if possible. (Another question for an owner)

Thanks for input.

I’ve used the Slate: it’s a nice product, and the touch screen is actually pretty accurate. It’s a small, cool device. Can’t answer any owner questions though, only used it for a few minutes.