2nd Annual FIRST Compass Workshops - May 19th, FIRST Mid-Atlantic Region

Hello all,

FRC 2729 is pleased to host our 2nd FIRST Compass Workshops this year on May 19th at Lenape HS. We had an awesome time with everyone who attended last year and can’t wait to share ideas and experiences with everyone again this year. Let me know if you have any questions!


This email was sent out to all FIRST Mid-Atlantic teams. Anyone is welcome!

At competitions this year, one of the best things teams get to do is mix with other teams, both on a mentor and a student level. We share ideas, strategies, and chat. This sort of dialogue is something that should continually occur throughout the year because it makes all of us better MAR teams. It is for this reason that FIRST Compass has been created.

The purpose of FIRST Compass is to bring together a variety of teams from the region. Too often, FRC teams become insulated and don’t often get a chance to mix and share information and resources with other teams outside of competition season. Thus, Storm Robotics 2729 has created this event, to be held on Saturday, May 19th, 2018, at Lenape High School in Medford, NJ.

We’d love it if you would sign up, either individually as a mentor, or to bring your team along with you! If you’re interested, below you’ll find a link to formally sign up for our event. Please fill it out as soon as you can. If you are a student, please share the link and form with your mentor, as they should be the driving force behind signing up the team as a whole to attend the event.

Last year’s event was a great success - we had eleven FRC teams represented, and about 150 individuals attend. We hope to grow and repeat that success each year. None of it would be possible without the gracious support of our sponsors, and the experts who come out and give presentations on behalf of their teams, or MAR as a whole.

All of us have good momentum and adrenaline coming out of competition season; let’s keep that momentum rolling and all improve ourselves for next season!

Here’s the link to the sign-up form:

For more information, check out the FIRST Compass page on our website at https://stormroboticsnj.org/firstcompass/

Again, thanks so much for signing up. We and the other teams in attendance can’t wait to hear your expertise.

Clap clap whoosh,
Storm Robotics 2729

Just bumping this as a follow-up to the my initial post.

It looks like we have a pretty sweet line up of topics and presenters for this year’s workshops on May 19th. Right now the attending teams include 316*, 321*, 1089*, 1403*, 2016, 2590*, 2729*, 4750, 5113, and 5401*. The team’s with an asterisk have gracious volunteered to present workshop session that morning. All of the topics and workshop sessions can be found here.

We’re basically filled on workshop presenters for the event but have plenty of seats for individuals and teams to attend. You can find all of the attendance and registration information you need at https://stormroboticsnj.org/firstcompass/. Please register so we can make sure we have plenty of breakfast for everyone who attends. The breakfast is generously support by Lockheed Martin and our Parent Booster group.

Again, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone come out to share what we know and improve for next season together.

This looks very interesting and I would love to attend but it is just far, far away.

Will you be recording any of the workshops and posting them?

Many of them, I am sure, would be really helpful and enjoyed by teams outside the immediate area.

Hope to be able to see these,


Aloha! Yeah, seems like a long Saturday morning commute for you!

We discussed possibly recording the sessions internally as a team but haven’t been able to survey the presenters to see if they’re open to it yet. The workshop material is provided by other teams so we’d want to give them the option of hosting any videos or materials they provide themselves. We’d link to the materials on their sites afterwards though.