2nd Annual Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference Championship

Good evening CD,

The NMRC is on its 2nd year. We are a group of FRC teams in the northern half of Minnesota. Our mission is to grow FIRST and STEM opportunities in rural areas. We are (or will be very soon) a 501c3 that covers all member teams. Teams join us by being in our defined area and paying a modest membership due (just like a football or baseball conference). We have coach, student and volunteer of the year. We have all conference teams. We have all academic teams. We also have a conference championship "off-season" event.

This years event will take place at the Bemidji High School in Bemidji MN on October 27th. We aim to host one of the best off-seasons in the state and we have a LOT of community support to help us reach this goal. 

Teams registered so far:
876 Thunder Robotics Northwood ND (I know a ND team? but they are cool)
2883 F.R.E.D. Warroad MN
3036 DORBA Warriors Deer River MN
3102 Tech-no-Tigers Nevis MN
3134 The Accelerators Cass Lake MN (All Female team)
3275 The Regulators Cass Lake MN ( Yes we have 2)
3277 ProDigi Theif River Falls MN
3294 Backwoods Engineers Pine River MN
3313 Mechatronics Alexandria MN
3750 Gator Robotics Badger MN
4181 Quack Attack Blackduck MN
4480 UC-Botics Upsala MN
4539 KAOTIC Robotics Frazee MN
4623 Flyer Robotics Little Falls MN
4674 Robojacks Bemidji MN (This years Host team)
5253 Backwoods Bots Bighfork MN
5913 Patriotics Pequot Lakes MN
6453 BogBots Kelliher MN
7235 Ogichidaag Red Lake MN

With more to come.
For more information on us check out www.NMRconference.org

As someone from a school without a lot of sports teams, what’s the difference between a conference championship and a normal competition. How do you select which teams are involved?

If by a normal competition you mean a “regular” off season that is typically open to everyone. We run ours where dues paying ($250) members of a defined part of our state compete. This allows teams in the same area to interact with each other in many was as well as compete. Most high school sports teams in our state compete with other schools in their conference ( usually a reasonable driving distance ). We have aprox. 35 teams in the norther half of MN, ~25 are members at this time and some do not compete in the championship each year for whatever reasons.

Time for a bump.

Here are my ranking projections. 4539 is a really heavy favorite to seed first since they are so good at the bonus ranking points and are so competitive. The large number of matches per team will also help to sort teams. All of these are overconfident though since it assumes this is basically a regular season event.

Team	average rank	1	Top 4	Top 8
4539	1.2		88%	>99%	>99%
3750	3.8		5%	72%	94%
4623	4.8		2%	56%	89%
876	5.2		2%	49%	86%
4181	6.6		<1%	32%	74%
3313	7.2		<1%	26%	68%
3102	7.9		<1%	19%	59%
2883	9.0		<1%	13%	47%
3277	9.4		<1%	10%	43%
5913	9.5		<1%	10%	42%
3294	10.8		<1%	6%	30%
5253	11.7		<1%	4%	23%
3275	13.0		<1%	2%	14%
4674	14.6		<1%	<1%	6%
7235	14.6		<1%	<1%	6%
3036	15.0		<1%	<1%	5%
3134	15.0		<1%	<1%	5%
4480	15.2		<1%	<1%	4%
6453	15.4		<1%	<1%	4%

Good luck to everyone!

9am tomorrow matches start. Check out the First Updates Now YouTube channel for the live streem. The battle for the best in northern MN.

Just like last year, this was an awesome well run event. Thanks to our alliance mates 3277 and 4623 for helping us get some hardware. Thanks to everyone who puts this event on, it was great.

I would like to thank our host school(Bemidji HS) for the wonderful venue for this years event. Thanks to the 2 Cass Lake teams, The Bemidji team and Thief River Falls team who helped with set up and take down of the field. Thanks to Ryan Baird and others to load the field for transport. Our major sponsors NCVCC, Team Industries and Lavalley Industries. Also the over 70 volunteers and judges, food vendors, lighting and AV, we could not do this without you! The NMRC continues growing with 26 member teams and 19 attended the competition. I am going take a few days off from robotics and sit in a deer stand.
Good Luck to all NMRC teams in the 2019 season.