2nd Regionals

It’s open season for 2nd Regional registration and already Philly is way over-subscribed with other regionals looking to follow very soon.

Drexel obviously needs to find a bigger venue.

New Jersey is also over capacity.
BAE is full amd Boston is one slot away.

Teams don’t appear to be rushing to Palmetto (one more confirmed, six in the queue since the other day), but I’m sure that number will grow over the next few days.

(Seems like teams just can’t get enough of that southern hospitality. :wink: )

I wish they’d list who all the “pending teams” were.

Anyway, Team 48 is in at New Jersey.

For all the overflow teams who get shut out of their first choices, I’m telling you, Waterloo is going to be a great time. I’d love to see that event fill up with even more American teams.

269 is in for Boilermaker. We will be dramatic and wait till later in November to make an appearance on the confirmed list.

Team 836 is going to Chesapeake for sure, and our second choice will be the BAE systems regional in NH, our third choice is Palmetto and or Championships in ATL.

Teams 1675 and 1714 are both headed for the Buckeye Regional. Is it January yet??


Ogre I dont know where you found your figures, the best I can find is 3 slots left at BAE and 9 at Boston. (DOnt take this the wrong way im sure you are right i just cant find these lists)

Could you post a link to where you found this or possibly check to be sure 1568 is registered for both Boston and BAE we registered but i am having trouble finding an updated team list.

I got my numbers from here: http://www.usfirst.org/frc/public/
I was looking at the ‘Pending’ Column. The regionals I mentioned were either full or close to full when you added the Registered and Pending columns
I had assumed that they moved teams from Pending to Registered based on a first come first serve basis, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. My understanding is that once you pay for your second regional, you will become Registered, no matter what order the teams signed up in.
If I’m wrong please correct me. I don’t want to mislead any teams.

I only see that 1568 is Registered for BAE. The list of Pending teams is not public, so I cannot see if your team is on that list for Boston.

You have it right Jeff.
So far some BAE, NJ, Boston, and Philadelphia pending teams will have the problem of needing to switch to a different 2nd Regional.

After the first regional, your team gets into subsequent regionals on a first-paid / first-registered basis this year. Not the order you signed up. Once you appear on the Team List you have a slot and can stop sweating. This year we really needed to pay first, then pick a regional. Signing up has little meaning until the $ arrive at FIRST.

For BAE there are 3 open slots, but the 6 teams pending want those three available slots. The first teams to get their payments to FIRST will get the slots. Three teams will probably be disappointed. I say “probably” because the regionals usually have unlisted slots reserved for rookies and if the expected rookies don’t sign up then extra slots may become available later.

1568 is on the registered list for BAE, so you’re safe there (because of the special payment rule applying to your first regional). You are pending for Boston, but won’t get one of the 9 remaining slots until you’ve paid FIRST, before 9 of the other 11 pending teams.

Thank you Mark

1403 got lucky and got a spot at the New Jersey regional too, now there are 7 teams for 3 spots. That should be intresting.

Also, the other regional 1403 is attending, Boston has 9 spots left and 12 teams signed up for it, that too should be intresting to watch unfold.

But the Most intresting of them all, is Philadelphia where 13 teams are trying to get into 0 spots, yes zero spots and 13 teams still signed up.

OK so we lied. 269 has paid and has moved onto the confirmed list to defend our title at BMR.

68 is in for Great Lakes and Waterloo. As for our third regional, it’s between West Michigan and Palmetto.