in all the regionals I have witness many robots can cap and uncap but no once seems to be uncapping in competition. Has this happened? Why do you think robots are not uncapping?

there were plenty of instances of uncaping at buckeye the team that did it the most was team 67…but it did happen

One of the reasons we decided against decapping is that in the rules, it says that if you are touching their goal orin anyway possibly obstructing it when the other team throw a ball, and it iss deemed to have had a chance of going in you lose 10 points or something. so its too risky really… all you have to do if someone is attempting to decap is to throw a ball at it andclaim 10 pointsoff them…

We had an uncapping mechanism on our robot, but did not use it more than to remove the 2x ball from the mobile goal, it didn’t pay because of the time it took and the likely penalty like Denman posted above. I did see 16 and a couple other teams uncap goals during elimination matches, but it just seemed easier not to if you could hang. I think most playing was done defensively rather than a step backward after the fact (if that makes sense). If you can prevent a team from capping to begin with, why worry about having to uncap it?

358 uncapped a couple of times at Philly. We were too late at uncapping once in the finals, and our arm joystick connector came loose another time preventing us. We also capped opponents at LI.
The circumstances have to be right for one thing. You want the losers points if you’re winning and only uncap to insure a win.