2x1 and 2x2 1/16" wall 6061-T6 Tubing for Sale


Finally getting around to posting this now that teams are running again for the fall.

Was able to make the process a lot easier for us, and get a shipping discount, so prices have dropped a good deal.

The prices will float slightly w/ the price of aluminum changing, but they will roughly be;

160’ of 2x1 1/16" wall is $290
80’ of 2x2 1/16" wall is $195

Shipping is $50 per 160’ of 2x1 (or 80’ of 2x2’).

We can mix and match as long as the total length is equivalent to 160’ of 2x1 (so swap 10’ of 2x1 for 5’ of 2x2).

Shorter lengths available on request, but prices will be higher. We can also get other wall thicknesses and tube sizes if desired.

Tubing will be shipped in 5’ +/- .25" Lengths on about a two week lead time. Material is 6061-T6.

Email 973tubing at Gmail to order.


Thanks Adam!
Finding 1/16" wall has been a bit tricky for us, though not impossible.
We will likely take you up on this offer.



Call Coast Aluminum, based in Hayward. We use them and Adam likely is too. They will ship for free and costs per lb is low if you order 100-200 lbs at a time.

Adam is offering this primarily for many teams that aren’t within Coast Aluminum’s delivery area but would like to use these hard-to-find 6061-T6 sizes (which are great for FRC robots).

Their number is (510) 441-6600





Saw this earlier today, I thought OnlineMetals didn’t carry this before?



That is a new addition, maybe they watch chief delphi :wink:


Have noticed this and intend to get some.

Noticed in site that it appears maybe this is a rounded corner version? Not preferred but still attractive? Anyone gotten some samples yet?


What we’re selling is sharp corner and cheaper.


Is there any specific end date to this deal?


Can we order smaller quantity? - say half - what will adjustment be?


I have a question… would you use the 2x1 1/16" to make an H-chassis for West Coast Drive Train using VEXpro VersaBlocks?

Or would you not go any thinner than 1/10" like the VEXpro VersaFrame 2x1?

–Michael Blake


With stout bumpers it could work well.


Wow… I didn’t expect that answer.

I hope you don’t mind a follow-up question… would you opine the weight savings as substantial < 1/16" vs 1/10" > or just pretty good on a chassis configuration.

IF you ask me to do the math I’ll have to admit I probably can’t… lol

–Michael Blake


I would just take your frame that you have drawn and just change the thickness and do the simple math difference. Weight of .1" wall vs .060" wall.

You can probably find the weight per foot as well online etc…


R.C… I wrapped my limited brain around the math and surprisingly didn’t sprain it…

Is it correct to say using 1/16" over 1/10" is a 37.75% weight savings?

And do you concur with Adam that 1/16" based H-chassis with stout bumpers could work?

–Michael Blake



Welding on the lighter gauge alum is a little harder. You need to think out the amount and placement of the welds and have a good fixture to get everything square. If you are going to be using bearings you might need to supplement the way the bearing is held in the lighter gauge alum.


Rick, perhaps we could split and order since we are right up the road.


Adam, I am also interested in what a half order would cost, what payment options there are, and an end date for orders.

I’ve found this calculator helpful in estimating weight of various materials. It seems I could shave a couple pounds on a WCD by going 1/16" wall over the .1" VersaFrame.


I believe Adam prefers full orders due to shipping (he has 8"x8" square profile boxes). That being said, organizing a group buy for teams around your area can help you get up to the minimum order size. 5188 recently organized one for Indiana and everything is going smoothly.


We will run this indefinitely, but it will be easier for us to be more responsive with shipping during the offseason.