2x1x.100 Vex Tubing Holes misaligned

Hey all,

Just wondering whether or not anybody’s had any issues with any Versaframe recently as our team has found that multiple tubes that we purchased have holes that are misaligned. Basically the pre-drilled holes in our stock are about .015 or more inches off from top to bottom. (if you tried to put a bolt in the pre-drilled hole it would be at a slight angle)

Our fabrication team was working on parts and were having issues with using the mill until they found this out. Upon further inspection it also seems as if the tubes weren’t deburred properly and the insides aren’t smooth like normal Vex tubing.

We will be doing some more investigation into the issue on Monday and will email Vex with what we find. Just wanted to see if anyone else assembling and fabricating has found any issues with Vex Pro 2x1x.1 inch rectangular tubing so we can let them know.

Part Number 217-3453

We’ve bought three shipments since September, not sure which one these tubes are coming from yet.


Edit: Also, we found that some of the tubes were slightly bent

Yeah, we had that happen to use last year. It’s the main reason why we switched away from Versaframe, because the alignment was difficult to get right with our mill. It’s faster for us just to drill manually.


Please send an email to [email protected] and we will get this taken care of.


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I’ve noticed some burrs in the holes in our tubing this year as well, but haven’t seen any hole misalignment. The burrs are easy enough to take care of, though.


Thanks for reaching out to me. My coach will send you an email in the next day or two.

All the VersaFrame tubes have the holes machined in so misalignment, while rare, is still possible. If this happens, feel free to contact VEX Robotics and we’ll get this fixed.

@Jon_Stratis can you send pictures to [email protected]? While burrs are easy to take care of, it’s still something our new aluminum VersaFrame supplier can improve on.


Email just sent with pictures.