2x1x1/16th Aluminum Extrusion Availability (East Coast)

My team was looking for a local source of 2x1x1/16th Aluminum extrusion. If anybody knows a good source near the DC metropolitan area please share.

Thanks in advance!

Wish you luck as we couldn’t find a supplier locally either. We made a design revision and end up ordering 2"x1"x1/8" 6061 from onlinemetals.com.

Totally not sure about lead time or of any local suppliers, but I know for a fact these guys sell what you need.


1251 told me about this place, so I’d suggest calling as soon as you can. They may even be kind enough to direct you to other suppliers more local to you.

Specifically look at page 10 dash 52 on this pdf http://www.alro.com/dataCatalog/010-Aluminum.pdf#Page=48

Again, I have no experience with this supplier, I just know they carry 6061-T6 1x2 tube with .062 wall thickness and that they are used by 1251.

Online Metals Is actually run by copper and brass sales a subsidiary of thyssen krupp. You can tend to get better deals from them if you are ordering larger quantities. Our local sales guy in South Western PA is Hector Suarez 1-800-926-2600 x 37951 They tend to have a lead time of 1-2 days for most common stuff.

Akash is correct.

We just ordered ours from Alro Metals today.

Ryerson is one of our sponsors. Try http://www.ryerson.com/en/Our-Company/Locations. I know they have a center in Delaware and one in Richmond and, if you approach them right, you can get great deals on metals.

The Power Hawks in Annapolis MD. orders from BMG Metals, Inc. They have four locations in Virginia and delivered to us pretty quickly so I highly recommend them.

I just ordered ~25’ of 2 x 1 x .065W 6061-T6511 Aluminum Extrusion from Pierce Aluminum in Warminster PA. Their part number is ORT610201. It’s worth noting that it’s only available in 100" (8’4") lengths for some odd reason.

Their number is 1-800-741-4402, ask for Dave and tell him that “Dustin from Sea Box” sent you. He should be able to pull everything right up.

Interestingly enough, Pierce also has 2x1x.080W readily available too.

I’ve worked with Alro in the past, our local supplier (in Flint) has given us some pretty nice discounts for being involved with FIRST. Make sure to ask.

I just put in a quote request for some. Let’s hope it works out. Alro didn’t seem to know what I was talking about.

Thanks for this Dustin.

And Sean, I’m not sure why Alro wasn’t able to help you out, perhaps you were in touch with the wrong location? In any case, hope you guys get your materials asap.