3.299lb Mini Swerve

I’ve had some free time lately so i decided to try to make a reasonable compact swerve. This is what i came up with, hope you like it. Comments and questions are welcome as always.

You can find the CAD Here.



Where are you sourcing the worm gears from? Are they rated for the 13k rpm output of a BAG motor?

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This is pretty nifty, reminds me a bit of my GBX-136 swerve with the worm gear. If you’re using a 2-lead worm it should be able to handle the speed.
One thing that concerns me (both on my module and yours) is the 4 bearings used for retention of the “caster box”. Side loading at the tip of the wheel, such as when accelerating or pushing, will force the bearings into the rim. Have you tried this style of retention before?

I would also be worried about the side load on those bearings. I think you might be able to get away with using double row bearings like these:

I would drop the azimuth/frame contact point down lower, more in line w/ the axle (or even lower depending on the game) to reduce side loading. Similar to mounting here: YDDR - 775 pro differential swerve prototype

BUT I have not tested the proposed in the design for this 3.3lb miniswerve, so they may work for all I know. Those bearing are awfully small and high up for what you are asking them to do though…

On a different note. OP, are you relying on the drive motor output shaft to hold the whole package together axially? If that is the case I am worried about this motor after practice match #1 week #1. Never mind, I see the counter bore on the main plate, I’m still really worried about the side loading though, bearings aren’t meant to work that way, you will probably want some sort of nylon bushing surface to take up the thrust loading.

Both the worm gear and the bevel gears would be sourced from KHK gears. Yes the worm gear i chose was rated for 15K rpm, so its close to its limit, but still within it.

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Looking at it form hindsight the side loading of the bearing is definitely a problem. I it would be a good call to swap them out with those bearing or another angular contact bearing that would be able to handle the loads better.

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