3/8" hex bore sprocket

I’m looking for a 3/8" hex bore sprocket or timing belt pulley.

My other requirements are 2" or smaller dia, and #25 or #35 size roller chain for the sprocket.

I already checked Mcmaster and Grainger. I couldn’t find anything.

This is for a personal project so I can’t go out an make my own without spending more money than I want to.

As far as I’ve ever seen hex broached sprockets do not exist commercially other than what AndyMark sells, which are only available in 1/2" hex (to the best of my knowledge).

You’ll probably have to broach your own, sorry man.

If ^ satisfies your conditions, I’d buy that and ask a sponsor to bore it out and broach it or do it yourself!


You could use a standard sprocket and bolt it to a hex hub from AM.

http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-0096.htm to

Darn, not what I wanted to hear. I guess i’ll just get a plain bore sprocket and weld it to the shaft.

Or take a file to the sprocket and “broach” your own. More time-consuming, certainly, but cheap.

Hex parts are nice, but I would rather just use keyshaft and keyed sprockets over welding to the shaft if hex broaching is not available.

Where are you guys located geographically? Maybe a nearby team has a broach. If you’re close to us, we do, but I don’t think we have access to it right now.