3 ball auto, week 1?

Did anyone pull off a 3 ball auto this week? I thought I saw 33 lined up for it in their first match on Saturday at Southfield.

33 did it at least (I think exactly) once: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OHBzJp4awU

Well, I guess they have to change their name to wasp or hornet. I didn’t think bees could sting 3 times.


Wow. All credit to 33 for having an amazing robot this year. But that defense bot was seriously slowing them down on their shots. Blocking shots is way easier than I would have thought. Even on a robot as effective as that.

These guys seem to be on a completely different level than the rest of us this year. Not just the auto, but the execution in the rest of the match… It’s insane.

And props for pulling off the first 3-ball auto this week!

Yeah, i dont think it’s wrong to say that they are the best robot thats competed so far this season. Absolutely incredible machine.

Not a single robot 3 ball, but here’s a perfect autonomous:

3 high - 30
3 auto - 15
3 hot - 15
3 forward - 15

75 point auto

Attempted multiple occasions; made twice:

EDIT: Oh, also the replay of match 46. Don’t have video of it on the FiM account though.

EDIT 2: Here it is

Thanks for the complements guys.

We actually tried the three ball auto 6 times through the competition:
Q25: 3/3
Q31: 2/3
Q46Replay: 3/3
Q49: 2/3
Q80: 3/3

One of the 2/3’s was because we were lined up too far backwards (almost level with the back of the field). The other we snowplowed the second ball thus picking it up instead of the third ball and scoring it (collector problem).

We don’t play again until week four, so we plan to use that time to become much better at shooting around defense. Before this competition, we had really anticipated a different sort of gameplay and the drivers mostly just did cycles (down to 6sec/cycle w/o defense.) Now that we understand how the game plays we’ll be better prepared for our next competition.

Cheers, Bryan

Just curious, what was the blue penalty at 2:03? It looked like the ref was counting down on pinning, but 177 was in the middle of the field.