3 Camera Dashboard

Hello, I am a member of team 5147 and we wanted to know if there were any examples out there for a 3 camera dashboard program. We program in labview and know how to get 2 cameras streaming to the dashboard via changing the right-side tab, but this only allows two, while it wouldn’t be too troublesome to switch between cameras mid-match I just wanted to know if anyone either had a dashboard capable of this or knew how to assit me with this, thanks in advance!

You will have to make a custom dashboard project and add the third camera stream there and then the robot side of it will be the same as adding the second camera

Yep. Add another display, another loop with a Send2PC call, and another image for the data to be uncompressed into.

Greg McKaskle

Are you all running 3 cameras at once or just switching between 3 inputs? I can’t seem to get two at once, but I can swap the cameras back and forth and have one at a time going no problem…