3 CIM Ball Shifter 3rd Stage WCD

Our team is looking for the WCD 3rd Stage Kit that has room for the drivetrain chain to be inside the 2x1 frame. Vex seems to have the image of that kit (217-4247) however they do not appear to sell that part number. Their similar one (217-3639) is a hardware kit for the 3rd stage but does not have an image. I did find 217 4247 on WCP that seems like it might be right but again no image. Does anyone know which is correct?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are no COTS chain-in-tube solutions.

Or are you just looking for these…

I wasn’t looking for the ones that are in-tube, just between the gearbox and the frame that it is mounting to. I think that 3 CIM one you copied is probably the one I am looking for. If it’s the same part number as what WCP has then it is the same kit right (aka WCP and Vex use the same part numbers for the same pieces right?)

I remember my team had the same question in 2018 when we built a similar drivetrain. If I recall correctly, Vex now includes both lengths of standoffs (for the WCD version and the non-WCD version) in the same hardware kit. If you order the 3rd stage kit, you should have all the parts you need for the WCD variant as well.

EDIT: Disregard, I remembered incorrectly – the two things they combined were the #35 chain and #25 chain variants of the WCD kit.

Everything WCP sells that are vex have part number 217-whatever, as opposed to WCP-whatever. 217-4247 is the 3 cim WCD version.

Gotcha, thank you!

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