3 CIM/NEO flat gearbox (VexPro 3 Cim Ball Shifter repackaging)


This is a repackaged version of the popular VexPro 3 CIM Ball Shifter, with a flat layout inspired by the gearbox used by 254 during the 2018 season.

Weight is around 3.0 pounds. Any gear ratio from the VexPro gearbox can be used here. The enclosure is 3D printed ABS.

Critique and suggestions are welcome.

For comparison, here’s a link to 548’s implementation.

This is really neat. Are the red plates also printed, or just the enclosure surrounding the gears? I was thinking about trying something similar last summer but I couldn’t quite figure out how to package the ball shifter and maintain the same layout 254 had with the shifter underneath the motors. I definitely think ball shifters are the superior shifting mechanism, but dog shifters are a bit easier to design with imo. Thanks for sharing!

The red plates are aluminum, while the enclosure is 3D printed ABS.

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