3 Cube Switch Auto- Team 1836: The Milkenknights

The Milkenknights are proud to present a video of our 3 cube switch auto! This auto is built with pathfollower code (encoders + gyro) to start in the center of the field and drop 3 cubes on our side of the switch! A video of this auto can be found here:

This auto also has failsafes for motor and encoder failure for redundancy sake. Basically, we’re gonna get at least a cube in the switch every match of AZN.

We also have auto modes to start on either side and drop a single cube in the switch if we get lucky, cross the line, or do nothing.

Sent from the bus to Arizona North

Very impressive! Especially considering the extra challenge of testing auton on a moving bus!

Between this and the 38 second vault fill, very impressive capabilities this year! In Week 1 very few robots were that quick with the vault. You guys will be a major alliance asset for sure!
Looking forward to seeing you compete at in Arizona and OCR

I am very bummed that we won’t be competing with you guys this season. This robot will go far.

This looks absolutely incredible Marcus. Building within your resources clearly pays off. Best of luck at Arizona North this week - I’m excited to see this bot kill it!