3 for 1 PTO gearbox with ballshifter

Team 3386
Hi everyone,

i would like to share this gearbox we did for our 2020 season robot.
Because swerve drive motors takes half of PDP outputs we didn’t have enough of them to power
all of our mechanisms in order to encounter this restriction we came with idea to use PTO (2for1) like most of the teams do, but even that was not enough so we found an interesting solution inspired from Recent Koenigsegg hyper car the Jesko LST transmission that uses individuals cloches by combining them they get certain ratio for a total of 9 speeds with only 6 gears.
So we kinda use this principal to get more out of only 2 motors the way its works quit easy the motors are not mechanically connected together in fact they act independently in the first combination(low gear), the first motor for the intake and the second one for the serializer. them when we fire the piston its shift to the second combination(high gear) at that moment the motors are mechanically connected and the power goes trough reduction to do climbing task wich require lots of power!
by doing so we were able to power 3 different mechanisms with only one gearbox!!
note that this can be more compact and easily customized and also we did with parts that we had in the lab.

i hope this will help and i am eager to see you feedbacks :slight_smile:

pardon me for my poor engish writing.


This is very creative! I especially like the use of polycarbonate plates. Did your team like this gearbox?

Side note, your english is great!


yes its was the best solution available to us the fact that we didn’t have CNC it took more time to machine the lexan plate in the mill.

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Wow, those parts look so good that I thought they were made on a CNC! Whoever made those plates must be very skilled with the mill.

thanks, this is the fabrication process!
We 3d print a matrix and simply use it as a guide


Very cool!

Is there a reason for the doubled gear train (circled here)? I think I see the need for all the other doubled gears, but these don’t seem to make sense to me.


not really just for esthetic purposes.


I’m so glad you agree. It doesn’t matter what you do, you just gotta look good doing it. :wink:





Are y’all going to release CAD of this? I would love to dissect it


it was heavy because we didn’t bother making it more compact and optimize thing go fast during build season and also we wanted to make it cheap so we made it with what we had left on the lab!
if you choose the right component such as pocketed gears and remove some bearing, spacers etc… you can make it very lightweight!


unfortunately, my SSD crushed i lost it.
i will be doing a newer version that will be even better.


This is brilliant, I love it, so many gears in that small a space makes my mechanical heart flutter :smiley:

I remember brainstorming something like this with my students a few years ago, but we were pretty scared to pursue it given the complexity. Glad to see someone else got it done with success!

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Did you ever get round to designing the newer version of this? Excited to see CAD if you are willing to share!

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As an engineer, I giggled and my pavlovs drool reaction kicked in when I saw this. Sexy.


i did not have time with this corona stuff going on, but i will one day finish the CAD :slight_smile:

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