3 gear/2 rotor autonomous

Has any alliance completed a 2 rotor autonomous? I haven’t seen many 1 rotor autonomous. What is best single alliance gear autonomous so far?

According to the insights page on TBA (https://www.thebluealliance.com/insights/2017) there has not yet been a 2-rotor autonomous from any alliance.

Based on what we witnessed this past weekend at Utah with bad springs and poorly functioning gear lift sliders (let alone polycarb panels falling off and pull-up strings tangled around the slide track mechanisms), I’m guessing we won’t see a 2-rotor Auto until/unless some of the above are resolved.

There just isn’t hardly enough time for 2 pilots to process a single gear, let alone 3!

Congrats in advance to whoever pulls this off first.

I’ve seen some really close ones, but yeah there really isn’t enough time to get all three gears and place them.

After being field reset at Waterbury and WPI, it’s up to the pilots for the track mechanisms not being tangled. While we felt bad when something happened, the only thing we can correct is the pull-up strings physically breaking.

It really comes down to the time.

Our alliance at ISR District 2 (1577, 3211 and 3075) during elims got 3 gears a few time in auto, but the pilots in my opinion are just not able to make it in time.

You’d have to have some pretty good coordination with a very experience pilot.

You have to know the delivery speeds of each robot.

The two fastest have to be center and side with the last being the opposite side.

Slowest robot is handled by one pilot and that gear goes to rotor 1.

The second pilot lifts the fastest gear and leaves it by his side.
Drop the lift after grabbing the gear do not attempt to reset it or make it “right”
(possibly by this time the second pilot could help with placement of this gear)
Point being the second pilot should not be standing up to place the first 2nd rotor gear.
Get the second gear not and do not worry about peg status.
Now stand with both gears and place them try to get rotor turning.

If the second pilot can help by placing the gears then you could gain a second or two.

I think it’s possible but every second would need to be optimized in some way.

I think it would be possible, but not likely. It would depend on if the gear mechanisms were active or passive, how fast the pilots were, how well they worked together, etc. The pilots would have to talk everything through and figure out a system. From my experience, one gear takes about five seconds, so if all the other factors worked out, the pilots had a system, the planets were aligned correctly, etc, it would be possible, but just barely.

I do not think it will happen during the competition season.

Prove me wrong.

If (This is from the perspective of the blue airship) you had all three robots doing active gear rigs, or two active and one passive, you do do it by having the two pilots take the gears on the left and middle pegs, having the pilot on the right hand off their gear to the pilot on the left and immediately start working on the third gear, then have the pilot on the left place the gears on the second rotor (The one requiring two gears), and have them start cranking it while the pilot on the right gets the third gear and puts it on top. Supposing the first two gears two five seconds to retrieve and hand off, three seconds to place, and three seconds to crank, and the third gear took five seconds to retrieve and place, it would all work out, but it would be really tight.

3 gear auto? 2014 style :wink:

(Technically) the #1 alliance did it already during the Westtown QF 5, but they used the reserve gear and got a tech foul

That was illegal You can’t use the extra gear in auto.
Was this a penalty…?

Nevermind that was the Q5 from Westtown QF mentioned above. my bad
So they got a tech foul… did they count the auto? Should have been descored and a tech foul

Rotors have to be activated in order. so, there is no benefit of starting Rotor 2 and cranking before placing Rotor 1 gear.

Pilot 1 is in the Center Peg position, and Pilot 2 in the peg farthest away from Rotor 2.

Pilot 1 retrieves gear and places it down (does not try to replace peg) and immediately moves to peg that is closest to gear 2.

Pilot 2 places the 2 gears in Top Rotor, and Rotor 2.

Pilot 1 retrieves gear 3 and hands it to Pilot 2, who immediately places gear 3 and starts spinning.


It is a tech foul … but why do you say it should be de-scored?

The Auto bonus for a Rotor is 60 vs 40 for Teleop, so the benefit is 20 points. the tech foul is -25, for a net penalty of -5. A fair enough result.

For real this time:

The #4 alliance at Greater Kansas City, consisting of teams 1987, 624, and 5801, was able to get two rotors spinning in two of their playoff matches:

Semis 1 Match 1

Finals 2

They did not pull the reserve gear, at least in Semis 1 Match 1. Finals 2 shows 30 foul points for the other alliance, so it’s unclear whether they accidentally used the reserve gear.

Does anyone know what their pilot strategy was, for getting all the rotors spinning in time? Can’t wait for match video! This is an incredible feat!

I was watching the live stream and for both of those matches, they got 3 gears into the airship. The reserve gear was not used. At least that’s what it looked like.