3 goal grabbers faced off -- MOE vs Sparky

VCU was amazing…and the thing i wont forget is when my team (384) and Moe ( 365) mached off…

THis match was interesting because it was the first match in the nation where two robots grabbed three goals each at the same time…

Moe and Sparky faced off and met in the middle with their wings extended…sparky held its ground and MOe held theirs…

Moe pushed the outer goals out with their arms, but sparky pushed the center goal out with its lead screw…

10 seconds left, sparky sends its “mousetrap” back to score 10 for the home team, and their alliance partner runs back…Moe sends back their tether too…

With the three goals stuck in the center ina stalemate, the score would have been 20 to 10 with the win going to sparky,

But, unfortunately, in the stale mate, the center goal got pushed on top of the MOE robot resulting in a DQ.

EVERY one saw this match and everyone talked about it there.

IN the end, Sparky and Moe were alliance partners in the quarter finals.

Nothing could have been more fun

TO MOE…thanks for the great competition and all the gracious profresionalism you guys, as well as all the teams at VCU, gave.

See you guys at nationals

Gabe Goldman
Head of Design Team
Team 384

Thanks guys. We had a lot of fun, and it was great to see MOE and Sparky on the field as opponents and as allies.

When we’re at nationals, we’ll have more fun as well, especially if it comes up to final round, the MOEhawk versus Sparky. That’ll be an event.

Until nationals then, I give you my best regards.

Here is a link to the picture…YOu cant see sparky too well…but MOe is on the left…sparky is on the right

Both are hooked to all three


Is it just me, or do the volunteers/refs seem to be smiling in that pic? That was definately an interesting/fun match up - for the participating teams anyway - as it seems from the responses to this thread, or lack there of, watching 2 three goal grabbers isn’t too fun. Obviously, I’m biased, but am I wrong? what do all of you think?

When publicizing our team, we had footage of the match on our iBook. Everyone we showed it to (4 or 5 teams) said they loved that match and remebered it, that was a day and 100+ matches latter. Amazing and wonderful. I can’t wait to see you at Epcot. We fought over the bricks when you guyes handed them to us. I should have given you my hat to wear (since Gabe stole your bandanna), but Dean signed it for me. Not that I didn’t trust you, it was that I loved that hat. Good luck at Philly and cherish the memories, their the only thing left over:) :frowning: :frowning: :smiley: .

Joseph Matt

The guy with the laptop.