3 inch penetration

I think this chassis shape in legal. The ball would penetrate the chassis by 1.5 inches on the left,bottom and right. It seems to comply with R19,G43-46. Hopefully I can get an answer from the GDC that isn’t too vague!!!

Sorry, but those bumpers aren’t legal. They don’t follow the frame perimeter, which they have to under <R07>.

Remember, we’re dealing with GDC definitions here, not normal definitions.

FRAME PERIMETER – the polygon defined by the outer-most set of exterior vertices on the ROBOT (without the BUMPERS attached) that are within the BUMPER ZONE. To determine the FRAME PERIMETER, wrap a piece of string around the ROBOT at the level of the BUMPER ZONE - the string describes this polygon.
The general idea is sound–have a dip in the frame in the front of the robot–but the bumpers have to be straight this year.

Not allowed.

The bumper must be back with a frame, you do have this in your picture, but it’s still illegal.

OOPs. I just found the other thread.

As long as this is below the level of the straight bumpers (which are backed along their along length by your frame), you are in the clear.

keep in mind the 8.7" diameter of the soccer balls and the bumper zone of 10-16" off the ground.