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Hello, all,

I’m writing a press release and corporate sponsorship ask letter to get money for my team to pay for champs, and I’ve done some digging around, but I wanted to see if my research is correct. I’m looking for the number of teams with the most gold and silver medals in terms of competition only. I know 2056 won a chairman’s award and 118 won an engineering inspiration award, but, like I said, in terms of the Ultimate Ascent competition this is what I have so far:

3 Regional Wins - 1114, 1986, 2056
2 Regional Wins & 1 Finalist - 2789
2 Regional Wins & competing this weekend - 118, 148, 359, 1983

Did I leave any teams out?

It depends if you want to count Michigan district competitions. Off the top of my head 33, 862, 1718, and 2054 all have two district wins.

And if you include MAR I think 11 and 341 have two golds. 245 should also have two since they won Palmetto week 1 with 11. 341 and 11 both compete again this weekend.

So counting district events, I’m assuming they will be competing for the State Championship & MAR, respectively, which would potentially earn a third gold, right?

MAR has a district left this weekend (Bridgewater) and then MAR Champs.

As an aside, from what I understand, in Michigan, only your first two events count towards qualifying to state champs, does MAR champs work the same way?

3rd districts don’t count for MAR points–not that the medals themselves don’t count. :wink: However, there are some medalists going into this as their 2nd district (56 and 224 won TCNJ, 3340 won Mt Olive, 1391 were Chestnut Hill finalists, 1676, 714 and 3314 Mt Olive finalists, though the last two also went to a regional).


We (3414) have a Finalist (Waterford) as well as a Win (Livonia) as well and will be at the MSC. Although will be hard to keep up with the teams you listed in order to get a third medal.

1718 actually already has 3 medals.
Winner of Waterford District
Winner of Grand Blanc District
Chairman’s of Grand Blanc District

2834 has 3 Medals
Winner of Buckeye Regional
Chairman’s of Detroit District
Engineering Inspiration of Waterford District

245 has 3 Medals
Winner of Palmetto Regional
Winner of Troy District
Finalist of Grand Blanc District

862 is actually has 4 Medals
Winner of Kettering District
Winner of West Michigan District
Engineering Inspiration of Kettering District
Engineering Inspiration of West Michigan District

Just to name a few from Michigan.


469 has two wins already and are competing this weekend in Bedford as well as the Michigan state championship. They could get 4 before St. Louis.

Thank you for correcting me on that! I must have missed it from TBA.

Out of curiosity, and because I know very little about the district setup, is there an argument for not counting medals from district events? I’ve heard some district events (both in Michigan and MAR), though smaller, are tougher than some regionals.

No. There should be no arguement for not considering FIM/MAR districts medals. A district medal is equal to a regional medal in my mind.

Some are strong…some are weak. I don’t see anyone considering not counting medals from weak regionals.

My ranking is District = Regional < FIM/MAR Champ < Division < Einstein…

District/Regional < FiM/MAR Champ < Division < IRI < Einstein.

I think you have IRI and Einstein reversed…

Not to further derail the thread, but the amount of abuse a robot must survive to win on Einstein is remarkable. You’ve done elimination tournaments before, and know how grueling they are on a team and a robot. Quick turnaround after quick turnaround after quick turnaround. Now imagine an additional 4-6 matches of that, far removed from your pit. The sheer endurance required makes it a feat like no other in FRC.

No worries…not derailing at all…this is my team’s first trip to championship, so the ideas exchanged thus far have been enlightening…my team has travelled to different states, but rarely interacts with district model teams & people, and while we have an off-season event down here in Texas that is pretty good, I hear that it’s no IRI by any stretch of the imagination.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread thus far, I appreciate your perspectives!