3 Most Trendsetting Features of 2017

Well, just because one bottleneck is bigger than another doesn’t mean you can’t reduce the smaller bottleneck.

^ that sentence is probably said wrong, but I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

I’m not excited by 775 pro drives because they give more power (it’s not a lot more than 6 cims once you cap the voltage / current). I’m excited because of the potential to save ~ 10 pounds!

How do you get 10 pounds? Looks more like 3-4 pounds when compared to a 4 cim drive.

6 cims aren’t chic anymore.

In pure motor weight, based on the weights on AndyMark’s website, a CIM is 2.82 lbs, and a RedLine is 0.806 lbs. So for motors, 4 CIMs is going to be 11.28 lbs, while 6 RedLines is 4.836 lbs, and 8 is 6.448 lbs. After factoring in the nonzero weight of the extra motor controllers and wires, that’s looking like it’s closer to Adam’s range than that 10lbs. 6 Mini CIMs comes out to around 12.96 lbs. Still a nice amount of weight to lose if you’re tight, but depending on your design in the last few years you could be well under the weight limit anyhow. It’s just another tradeoff, not a revolution, in my opinion.

Edit: Okay,I can see it if you’re really going up to a 6 CIM drive train, but it still seems a bit more of an edge case.

Although the sample size was small this year, 775 pro’s seem to emit less smoke and not smell as bad as the 9015s do. Next year we should have a larger sample size.

Many teams seamed to be friction depositing polyethylene on to their shooter wheels. Why not just buy polyethylene wheels?

2 robots can collide at > 15 ft/sec, bounce and go on their way. Do that in a modern car and there is thousands of dollars in repairs.

I think you meant to reverse all of the bigs with littles and vice versa:

Well, just because one bottleneck is smaller than another doesn’t mean you can’t increase the larger bottleneck.

That’s only a bit over 10 mph. I’ve seen cars in Italy hit about three or four times that fast with no damage that caused any concern to the drivers.

Have you never driven in Boston?

Ok 3 trendsetting features in '17:

GDC refuses to acknowledge that light travels in a straight line and thus audiences, drivers, and refs can’t see through game objects.

MOAR POWAH seems to be trend - battery manufacturers rejoice, UPS workers cry.

Out of Stock notices approaching Banebotsian proportions.

Proper current limit. Talons rock. Lots of things we could not have done without some of the features in the Talon.

It helps in auton if your wheels stay flat to the ground.

Co processor vision. Probably see more and more of it.

+1 on the ball compression, hard ball/soft wheel visa versa thing.

Anti trend: no more wiffle balls.