3 outputs for 2 booleans

I have 2 booleans and would like to be able to use 4 different case structures depending on which are pressed.

False, False
True, False
False, True
True, True

What would be the best way to do this?

You might be able to use some combination of the Boolean functions in the palette to do this.

Just nest one Case statement within another one.

Thats the hard to understand way. The easy way to do it is to build an array (Build Array) and then put that array into a number (Boolean Array to Number) then put that number into a case structure (that will change the true/false selector to a 0, Default/1 selector). Now it helps to know binary at this point. You right click the selector and add a case after. Do this until you have 4 cases (0, Default; 1; 2; and 3). If both booleans are off the case is 0 (false, false). If boolean 1 is on and 2 is off the case is 1 (true, false). If boolean 2 is on and 1 is off the case is 2 (false, true). If both are on the case is 3 (true, true). See the attached picture for wiring.



Thanks j.cole! saves me a lot of time :smiley: