3 point shots

How many teams are going to shoot for the center goal?? How man teams are going for the one point and defencive bots???

We are (hopefully) going to do both.

As of now, we have a functional 1 point mechanism and are well on our way to the 3-pointer. PLus, We have a pretty dang solid defensive base.

Here’s a related thread, discussing what they are shooting for, and in some cases, from what distance.

Our primary goal is for the center (3 point) goal and if we have time to implement it, we’re going to add functionality to go for the corner goals as well.

We are doing everything. If we ever get it built.

Same here. Our team has had a better understanding of everything and better ideas than in the past (almost no part of the robot has changed since week 1 in design, with the exception of the control board). However, we are having difficulty in getting everything finished and put together (alot of parts of things not completely done).

I think 90% of the teams will go for 3 points 20% will always get them in the other 80% will get between 80-30% in. I see problems with teams that can always make 3 pointers not getting ball because there teams mates want to shoot to. Like basketball. But it is all part of the fun of the game.


Same as sanddrag and donut. We are pretty much trying for all three tactics, and though we’ve got plenty of prototypes, we still don’t have anything as far as the final robot built… Hopefully we’ll have a drivetrain soon though. As per the usual, defense won’t be a problem with a high tourqe drivetrain and a base like a tank.

I’m not so sure about the last part. If my alliance partner can shoot threes more reliably than I can, you know whose robot I’m going to tell my human player to load? The alliance partner’s.

It goes back to what Dave said last year–you can be legal and graciously professional, but still dumb. Play smart.

our team is hoping to find a way to go for both the center (3 points) and side goals (1 point) but so far we only have an idea of getting the side goals.

We are going for all the scoring areas, that how we roll. Unless I think so!

Good luck

20% will always get them in? I don’t think any team will be able to shoot above 85% accuracy. Whether it be a miscalculation by the robot, a driver firing too early/late, or an opposing robot interferring, there will be something that causes every team to miss some of there shots.

I think teams that go for everything will have weight and time issues. How much of a problem these problems will be depend on what drivetrain you go with. (omni/holonomic vs. tank/4/6wd)
going for everything includes a 5 ft release, in my opinion, as well as a capacity of 10+ balls.

Are you sure about that? I think it would depend on where they shoot from. A team that drives up onto the platform and lobs balls into the goal may be able to easily beat 85%.

Okay, that might be true, but only for a few matches. If any team gets their code, drivers, and mechanics working to such a good state where they can hit 85% or 90%+, the opposing alliances will likely tag a robot to run into them as much as possible during the match. This does leave partners open to score though, but it will hinder the uber-shooter’s accuracy.

I even think 85% will be a little generous, more like 75% just because adjusting for being pushed from a side or getting hit, any robot shooting from near the top of the robot(those which probably will have more accuracy in my belief) will have the balls travel up towards the top in some way ‘probably’ causing their flight to change. Then again we’re not done yet so i can’t say

hopefully that our “Robot” will shoot for the center goal and be defensive as well. that is if everything goes as plan…(panicing) :o

If they’re shooting from anywhere below the top of their robot, it wouldn’t be impossible to block

Someone will average far higher than this, very reliably. Thats why they become the winners! It never fails, someone is always very good at the game, every year. Who will do it? Who knows…