3 Questions!!! (1/12/04)

Hi all. Hope everyone had a great weekend and an excelent kickoff experience. Here are today’s 3 Questions…

  1. What team in 1997 was famous for launching tubes at the goal?

  2. What were the basic designs of 2 placebos? (Any 2 out of all of them)

  3. Finish the following phrase…

Set screws __________ ___________!

Good luck!

Standings for 1/12/04…

Colleen T190 - 28
Raul - 18
JVN - 15
Joe Ross - 15
Andy Baker - 6
P.J. Baker - 4
Mike Soukup - 4
Chris Hibner - 2
Dave Flowerday - 2
Sigmakid108 - 2
M. Krass - 2
jfisher - 1
Joseph M - 1
Jeff Waeglin - 1
gsensel - 1

Set screws inhale audibly! Woo I finally knew one!!! :slight_smile:


1 - ???
2 - Hover craft and Vacuum cleaner
3 - Set Screws Inhale Audibly

  1. Semi-Random Guess:
    Baxter/Northwestern University & Johnsburg HS

  2. Hover craft and Vacuum cleaner

  3. Set Screws INHALE AUDIBLY

The Lego team shot innertubes

A vacuum cleaner, a hovercraft, and a box on wheels

set screws inhale audibly (how long as it been since Woody has said that at kickoff, a few year, right?)

To clarify, that would be team 96, LEGO Systems, Inc. & Springfield, MA Public High Schools, if we’re talking about the same LEGO team.


except that they changed schools several times. And of course, they had a different team number in 1997, since that was before permanent team numbers.

Looks like question number 1 is the real stumper for today! Keep trying!

God save us for this bonus question, but 2 bonus points for the FIRST person to name the next line to this song…

Whatever it takes we’ll make it by tommorow…

An extra bonus point if you can also tell me who sang that, and at what years national competition.

  1. [Don’t know… maybe I’ll remember it later]

  2. The Placebo-matic vaccuum cleaner!
    The Hovercraft

  3. Set screws inhale audibly

Bonus: I’m guessing it was the FIRST Cheerleaders at the Nationals in 1996. I can picture Buzzy singing it, but I can get the next line!

1.) Beatty.

3.) Set screws inhale audibly (answering it just cause it was the first one I knew right off the bat)


  1. Kodak and Fairport High School, also known as Kod Red, now known as MAK i believe

  2. Vacuum Cleaner, Hovercraft, Big black cylinder with “Placebo” written around it, Passive Placebo, Showbot

  3. Set Screws Inhale Audibly

The bonus question sung by the “FIRST Cheerleaders” in 1996, the next line was “Whatever it takes, you know it can be done” One point to Colleen for knowing who sang it.

That was my second guess. Kodak likes to spread their sponsorship around, so Kodak and Marshal high school is MAK. Fairport HS is team 578 now.

Drat. I based my guess on the 97 bot you gushed about most in the past…which strangely enough, was extremely easy to find through the search area.