3 Questions!!! (1/13/04)

Hi all, here are todays 3 Questions…

  1. What was the name of the scottish rock band that played at Nationals in 2000?

  2. Who was the first international team in FIRST?

  3. What was the name of the placebo robot that shot confetti out at the crowd in 1997?

Good luck, standings will be posted later

Your 1st question is wrong. Off Kilter played in 1999 not 2000.


Also, they wern’t scottish, they were Canadian. Off-Kilter is Canadian.

As for the first international team, wasn’t there one from Puerto Rico that was the first international team?

Its been a rough day…give me a break on this one :wink:

Ok, they are canadian and played in 99

  1. Off-Kilter… they rocked.
  2. 188
  3. Clifford the Confused Confetti Cannon (well, it’s a try)

Andy B.

  1. Off Kilter, I think they played in in previous year as well.
  2. Team 188, Woburn Robotics (Then known as Team Canada Robotics), 1998. I was the on-field coach for 188 that year.
  1. Team 188, Woburn Robotics
  1. Off Kilter
  2. Woburn Robotics
  3. [Stumped Again! Leavin’ it blank til later :P]

If Puerto Rico is considered International, then it would be the Baxter team from Puerto Rico that started in 1997. If Puerto Rico isn’t considereded international since it is a territory, then it would be Woburn (188) which started in 1998.

Off Kilter was the band that played in 1999. And they describe themselves as celtic, not scottish. http://www.offkilter.net/index.html

I remember everyone talking about how cool the placebo was in 1997, but I never watched a match with it, and don’t know.

Still no one with number 3 correct…

Hint…I mentioned it VERY recently…

For 1 bonus point, what protection did the human player have to wear in 1996 and 1997?

Saftey Glasses and a Hard Hat.

A hard hat with a face shield.

Andy B.

showbot :wink:

Baker nails down the bonus question for 1 bonus point. I may have to shave a few of those points if Indy beats the Pats this weekend though. :wink:

Darn, I knew that one and Andy beat me to it.

  1. Off Kilter
  2. I thought the name of this team was Coqui Power. I can’t remember where they were from exactly, but I remember them from 1997 and their robot looked like a Frog.
  3. no idea.

I looked back, and I’m guessing Showbot.

Today’s answers…

  1. Off Kilter

  2. I will accept either Baxter Puerto Rico (Coqui Power), or Woburn Robotics team 188. The whole is Puerto Rico an international team can go either way, so I’ll be generous.

  3. I said it yesterday, Showbot!

I will post the standings tonight after I get back from my meeting.

1: Off Kilter

2: Team #12 from Puerto Rico

3: Showbot

Oops I’m a little late aren’t I. I didn’t even look at that 2nd page to see you had alread given the answer!

I just saw it pop up when I posted.

If I’m not mistaken, Jamaica is a different country so according to this, the first international team was Advanced Integrated Systems Ltd. / University of the West Indies & Jamaica College in 1994.