3 Questions!!! (1/26/04)

Hi all! Here are today’s 3 Questions…

  1. Who was the first team to win more than one national championship?

  2. Who was the first president to invite a winning FIRST team to the White House?

  3. Who was the only team with the ability to score all 9 tubes in 1997. (Hint: They did it during practice rounds in NJ)

1: Beatty

  1. Team 71, Beatty
  2. George H.W. Bush
  3. Johnson & Johnson Professional, Inc. & Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High Sch – The current team # 88
  1. 71, Beatty & Hammond, 1997, 2001, 2002

  2. George Bush

  3. There were many teams that had the ability, some in the time limit and some not. I’m going to guess Nypro & Clinton (126) is the team that you are referring to.

Having studied just about every team in 97 with Gael Force Strategy, I truely dont believe there were any teams other than the team I am thinking of who could do it, and who actually did do it in practice rounds. (part of the reason I gave the hint) I would love to know any other teams who did, so let me know!

  1. Beatty & Hammond Schools
  2. George HW Bush
  3. I knnnooow it wasn’t Nypro cause the most we could even get on our cap was maybe 5, so I’m gonna mooch and say TJ^2
  1. Beatty
  2. George Bush Sr.
  3. Team 63 (can’t remember the name)

For all you “students of the game” out there:

88 - 1997a.gif

88 - 1997a.gif

  1. Beatty won in 1997, 2001, 2002
  2. George Bush #1, and I think Clinton continued the tradition. Unfortunately it died somewhere beween then and last year :frowning:

1.) Beatty

2.) George Herbert walker Bush

3.) tj^2 - Before it smashed into about a billion peices in “Rumble at the Rock” '97

  1. Beatty
  2. George Bush Sr.
  3. Team 63
  1. Beatty
  2. George Bush Sr.
  3. Team 63 - But just guessing

Today’s Answers…

  1. Beatty and Hammond High School (Team 71)

  2. George H.W. Bush

  3. As you can see from the picture, team 63 (now 88) TJ² had the ability to hold 9 above the apex of the goal, and did so during the practice rounds of the NJ Regional.

Today’s winner is Karthik! Good Job!

The tradition of #3 dies in either '97 or '98 Ibelieve, I know I was on the Technokats in’98 and we didn’t get to go.


Answer #1 is Beatty and Hammond high schools, #71… as a graduate of one of the other three schools (out of four), I felt the need to stick up for myself. :slight_smile: