3 Questions!!! (1/5/04)

Hi all!

Well, we have less than a week left before kickoff, and we need to stir up some excitement on these boards. To accomplish this, I have decided to initiate a little game for the members of the community to share in. Here is how it works…

The game is called 3 Questions. Starting today, I will post 3 trivia questions about the history of FIRST. The first person to post all 3 answers correctly gets 10 points. Everyone else who posts correctly before I reveal the answer gets 1 point for each one that is correct.

Questions will be posted every weekday morning between 8am and 10am. The correct answers will be posted around 3pm. The person who has the most points at the end of the 6 week build period wins a 12 Pack of Mountain Dew (or other non-alcoholic beverage for all the non-Dew people like myself), to be awarded at the Championship Tornement. Also, don’t forget that the objective of this contest is to spark some excitement and also some conversation, so dont be afraid to start up a conversation in the thread about the questions and their effect on FIRST today. Good Luck everyone!!!

Here are the questions for 1/5/04:

  1. Who was the 1st ever national champion of FIRST and in what year?

  2. What were the only two games in which a “perfect score” were achieved?

  3. What was the name of the area at Epcot Center where the national championship was held in 1995 and 1996?

P.S. I will only take the first set of answers you give me as your answer. Please try to answer all questions in one post.

The American Adventure theater, the one on the lake, if I’m not mistaken.

Gael Force was the first National Champion (in 1992). Unless you consider 1995 to be the first time there was a REAL National Champion, then it would be woodside highschool.

1999 had several perfect scores of 540. There has not been a perfect score since.

I’ll give this a guess…

  1. Clinton/Nypro in 1992 :slight_smile:
  2. Definitely 1999, I know that for a fact. My guess on the other game would be 1996, cause I know Andy was our human player and I think you could acheive a high score that year.
  3. American Adventure. With the FIRST Cheerleaders.

Good idea Andy! It’s fun riding in the way back machine.

(PS Andy- I notice your picture with the 3-finger willy machine. I bet I can beat you at it :stuck_out_tongue: :))

1998 - team 111 scored a perfect score at GLR - the only one that year other than Rumble at the rock.

1998!!! Really!!! Wow…I remember the Wildstang robot that year, I didn’t know any teams scored a perfect score in 1998. I guess a bonus point is in order for you Raul! Just so I remember correctly, was that 9 balls in the center goal with two on 3 point rails?

Actually, there were only 9 balls, it was 8 balls in the middle and 1 one on the 3 point rail - that was the highest possible score. It pretty much gauranteed us a #1 seed.

  1. Clinton/Nypro - 1992
  2. 1999, 1996, 1998
  3. Pavilion of the Worlds?

Good Idea Andy!


Answers 1/5/03

  1. Clinton High School, Nypro (Gael Force), 1992

  2. Hexagon Havoc (1996), and Double Trouble (1999) were the ones I knew. Thank you to Raul for proving me wrong, you get a bonus point!

  3. The American Pavilion was the name of the stage at the time, but I will give credit for American Adventure Theater, the current name of the pavilion.

Todays winner, Colleen from team 190. I gave her the second question because those were the only 2 I knew of at the time. Good job!