3 Questions!!! (1/7/04)

Hi all,

Here are today’s three questions, and remember that you still get points for correct answers, even if you weren’t the first one to say them! Also be watching throughout the day, ya never know when a bonus question will pop up!

  1. What year and regional competition was the only official “perfect tie” ever recorded? (This means that there was no winner after all the tiebreakers were cycled through.)

  2. What were the first 3 regional competions, and where were they located?

  3. During what year did the human player have to be seatbelted to the player station?

Good Luck!

Here are the standings after 2 days…

Collen T90 - 13
JVN - 12
Andy Baker - 3
Joe Ross - 2
Raul - 2
Joseph M - 1
P.J. Baker - 1

Grady, these are getting tough. I’ll give it a shot:

  1. 2002, New Jersey Regional
  2. Motorola Midwest Regional, UTC Regional, Kennedy Space Center Regional
  3. 1996

Andy B.

  1. 2002 J&J Mid-Atlantic

  2. Southwest - Houston, TX,
    Motorola Midwest - Palatino, IL
    J&J Mid-Atlantic, New Brunswick, NJ

  3. 1996

beep, beep, beep (backing up sound)

I need to correct my #2 answer:
2. New Hampshire Regional, Motorola Midwest Regional, UTC Regional

::shakes head:: No backing up Baker!!! Once you have made your first answer, you are locked in. Plus…you still got a little work to do there buddy. :wink:

2: Motorola Midwest In Chicago (Harper College in Schaumburg to be exact); J&J Mid Atlantic at Rutgers in NJ; DEKA New England Regional In Manchester.

3: 1996, and had to toss balls over a bar

2 Bonus Points to the first person to tell me what colors were for the three driver stations in 1996, Hexagon Havoc.

Red, blue and yellow

Great merciful crap Raul, that was fast! 2 Bonus points awarded.

  1. The first regionals were in 1997: Motorla Midwest regional in Schaumburg, IL; DEKA New England Regional in Manchester, NH; and Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional in New Brunswick, NJ.

  2. 1996 the human players were belted down and had to throw the big balls over a PVC pipe.

I thought Raul was supposed to be working, not surfing CD all morning. I’ll go have a chat with his boss :wink:

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You too Mike Soukup!

  1. J&J in NJ in 2k2
  2. Chicago, New Jersey, and New Hampshire in '97
  3. 1996… go Andy!

Man, I gotta get to this thread earlier in the day!!

Wow, half hour to go in today’s 3 questions, and still no one has got all 3 questions right! C’mon people do a little research, I’ve talked about all of these questions before! :smiley:

Good Luck
Andy Grady

NJ in 1997 was a dead perfect tie from what I understand. There were several ties in 2002, including at least one that went down to a coin flip. However, since a coin flip was the last tiebreaker, it can’t be said that it was a dead perfect tie.

New England was the first Regional with Motorola Midwest and Johnson & Johnson Mid Atlantic (NJ) coming in 1997.

1996 had the seatbelted HPs.

Answers for today:

  1. J+J Midatlantic Regional in 1997 (NJ Regional is acceptable)

  2. New England Regional, Manchester NH; Motorola Midwest Regional, Chicago IL; J+J Midatlantic Regional, New Brunswick NJ

  3. 1996, Seatbelted the human players.

I’m going to give the 10 Points to Joe Ross, eventhough he forgot to put the location of the regional. Good Job!