3 Questions!!! (1/9/04)

Hi all, day before kickoff, here are the last 3 Questions of the week…

  1. What team was famed for its unique design to tip the goal in 1996?

  2. What was the name of the competition MC who worked for Disney Ride and Show?

  3. In 1995, what was the fence on the playingfield border made out of?

Good Luck!

Standings for 1/9/04…

Colleen T190 - 18
Raul - 16
JVN - 15
Joe Ross - 15
Andy Baker - 6
P.J. Baker - 4
Mike Soukup - 3
Chris Hibner - 2
jfisher - 1
Joseph M - 1
Jeff Waegelin - 1
gsensel - 1

Greetings Andy!
Hope all is well with you, it is extremely cold here in keene but warming up with thoughts of kick off!
ok I only can think of one- In 1995 it was the fieldgoal field and the first year at disney. I believe the border by drivers station was lattice work!
Great idea for nostalgia buffs!

  1. Lockheed/Alvirne

  2. Hmm… can’t recall that one.

  3. It was vertical pipes with rope or wire strung between them.

  1. Lockheed + Alvirne (from NH I believe)

  2. No clue

  3. Vertical pipes with wire between them.

Go Andy!

  1. The good ol’ team from Alvirne High (Team 42, although they weren’t team 42 then!).

  2. Alternate Woodie!! :stuck_out_tongue: jk. It’s Greg! (He used to give us the coolest buttons, so we made some for him :P)

  3. I believe it was steel supports with cable running all the way around the field through them. I recall a couple videos with Clinton’s robot getting caught in the cable at Nat’ls.

    • Greg Hale?

1 Bonus “Brownie Point” to the first person who can tell me the nickname for team number 42?

By nickname, I assume you don’t mean PARTS?

My guess is PARTS. Since M didn’t actually give it as a guess, am I the first? :smiley: Am I even right?

Well, seeing that its a holiday and all (kickoff), I am in giving mood! 1 point to both Mike and M for knowing the nickname of my second team, PARTS!

P.S. Colleen, please tell me you knew “Alternate Woodie’s” last name…I’m in a dilemma on whether I should give you a point for that one or not!

P.S. Colleen, please tell me you knew “Alternate Woodie’s” last name…I’m in a dilemma on whether I should give you a point for that one or not!

Greg Hale. :slight_smile: Please, give me my points Andy :stuck_out_tongue:

Bummer, I was too busy at work to answer early today.

I agree with my buddy DAVE:

1: Lockheed/Alvirne
2: I had no clue
3: Vertical pipes with wire strung between them (See attached picture)

1995 Field 2.JPG

1995 Field 2.JPG

Sorry guys, wrappin it up kinda early today due to my friday night plans. Todays answers…

  1. Daniel Webster College and Alvirne High School, Team 42…I will accept Lockheed and Alvirne. Answer to the bonus question, team 42 was also known as PARTS.

  2. “Alternate Woodie” Greg Hale, worked at Disney Ride and Show.

  3. A wire fence is what I was looking for, anything close to that is acceptable.

Todays winner is Colleen, good job!

Hope to see many of you at the NH Kickoff tommorow, don’t forget to stop me to say hi if ya see me! Have a great weekend.